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  1. Do you people even know what a diss is? EMINEM WAS NOT DISSED ON THIS TRACK, he was just mentioned.
  2. The Game album is a mixtape, so that really don't count.
  3. Nah, it's not that - listen to I'm Comin and Born To Reign - this new intro just can't compare to those two.
  4. It's the real cover, mainly because it has Interscope's design look all over it.
  5. It's a solid album, best hip hop album of the century is a stretch though :-)
  6. I wouldn't consider it biting, especially considering it's a hook - plus, this is hip hop/rap music, no ideas original - everyones a fan, and everyone's a listener - everyone has their own favorite line, etc. dont look to deep into itq
  7. If you found out the next Will Smith album is onna be slapped with a Parental Advisory sticker...
  8. I'm thinkin Punisher/Lobo/Gambit/ Trench coat type cat/I-Robot, and not Superman
  9. Hence my disappointment, you can't give me "I'm Comin' " and "Born To Reign", and then give me this, I won't accept damnit! I cant!
  10. Let's not throw the ghostwritten by around too much until we have the book in hand.
  11. *sigh* You know what, I'm not even going to say anything - Anyway, the Elephant Man remix is alot better, because that's what the song was meant for, the club - and this fit that vibe perfectly. I mean, rnb remix is nice, but Switch is not that kind of song
  12. I'm disappointed with the intro to Lost & Found. Especially with the Intros for Born to Reign and Willenium, this was a let down to me, he could've started it off better, especially with lyrics like that.
  13. That tour story is a bit fishy to me, considering Eminem hasnt been on the immature tip for a while now, so I'm kind of calling bluff on that until I get a real source.
  14. On a site note; I got 10 of my friends to say they're gonna buy the album, and Imma make sure they do, plus, I'm buying 3 copies for myself (Car, CD Player and to Frame)
  15. Um...yea, sure, that's prolly why 50's album, and Em's album always seem to leak early...rite.
  16. Big mouth gossip radio personality
  17. Party Starter and Pump Ya Brakes are his best choices, if they're smart, they'll go with the buzz Party Starter already has
  18. Seriously...calm down, there's no way Lost & Found can be about Eminem, here's why; The song addresses cats that SOUND THE SAME in the game, that DONT HAVE THEIR OWN NICHE/STYLE, cats that do WHAT OTHER RAPPERS DO, Trust me...Eminem is neither one of those. So take a deep breath...and calm down.
  19. How'd he destroy him? I mean, I'm one of the bigger Will fans around here, but all Will did was mention him ONE time, and it wasn't even in a battle content. So how'd he destroy him again?
  20. Another correction, it's actually "Get Back", as in Luda's "Get Back"
  21. Not gonna happen, it's already pressed up and shipped out - Friday's not enough time to add tracks to an album and get everything re-pressed
  22. It's edited, but you can tell what it was; this album is not on the same happy go lucky type vibe of BWS or his previous releases (Which may also explain the usage of the word). Plus, those same kids also see Wills movies where he also curses alot more than this, so I don't really see it as bad as you would've.
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