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  1. well heres the thing... he always has a studio to record in. theres basically a studio in his trailer while hes shooting a movie... he always has a change to record. lets face it, he has the money to record whenever he wants to.. but the question is if he still wants to release albums and to still make his "career" with them.
  2. ya, he does need to make up his mind... but its up to him. if there was a way to get him to record for sure, we should do it... otherwise theres nothing we can do... hes signed onto movies
  3. all i have to do is be a fan of the facebook page?
  4. I WANNA WIN! THE TEXT is tooo SMALL i cant read it!
  5. how bout a mixtape? lol
  6. lol again im all for a comeback.. but hes signed on for soooo many movies. hell have to pull a quick album with jeff again if he does it...
  7. i like the beat, but idk if it goes well with the song... any mp3s of this?
  8. haha... we can only hope that the summer tour will encourage something, but hes still signed on for a lot of movies so he can prob only do so much...
  9. I think you need 100 posts... im still trying to get there myself
  10. great video, i enjoyed it... but what exactly do u plan on doing with it?
  11. the beat isnt much, but its not that bad... as far as the flow... wills gonna have to give him some lessons
  12. alright, i remember will once saying that he will make records as long as people will buy them... lets find a way to show him that we will still buy!!!
  13. i may have missed it in a thread, but when does production start for this one?
  14. itd still be good to see a concert...
  15. hancock looks like a movie that would have a will song attached to it
  16. Will is the greatest rapper alive in my opinion (along side with lupe fiasco, his new album is HOTT)
  17. yes he is Christian (listen to Ms. Holy Roller) and he respects all religions, just like it should be. this is why tom and will are able to be such good friends. they r both really nice people who respect each others views even though they are completely different.
  18. people are so stupid. ive heard so many people already mocking will when they know damn well that is was a missinterpretation. they just want to start trouble, that all people ever want to do (and i dont mean will) and as for talking about issues like this, will is an artist and thats what artist do one way or another... as for that tom cruise remark, i met him and talked to him once for a few hours... he is a really nice guy just like will. so nobody should be so quick to judge will, tom, or any other celebrity because the fact of the matter is you dont know any of them.
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