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  1. yeah it's that one lol i saw the video, real cool one... btw someone post the video in the Audio forum ← yeah Julie(mtv live:will smith) and :metoo: (da champ is here) ← yeah! thnx again man! :2thumbs:
  2. You can download it here! ← aight thnx a lot man!! :2thumbs:
  3. will smith - party starter black rob - knock em out brooke valentine - girl fight clinton sparks - stand the **** up fat joe - lean back (u got the original & the remix they both great!) dmx - pary up dmx - where the hood at fatman scoop - all night long lil jon & TESB - get low mario f/ jadakiss & t.i. - let me love u (remix) n.e.r.d. - she want 2 move the game - how we do xzibit - break yourself ice cube - anybody seen the popo's? j-kwon - tipsy j-kwon - get xxx'd ja rule - clap back have a great one!!
  4. TopDawg14 U ARE THE MAN!!! gre8 work keep us updated! thank u so much!!!
  5. yeah it's that one lol i saw the video, real cool one... btw someone post the video in the Audio forum
  6. Rank the albums from 1 to 9 in order of your favorite Here is a running tally of the Votes so far.. No. of Votes in : 24 Code Red 190 Lost and Found 189 Willennium 164 He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper 157 Big Willie Style 156 Homebase 133 And in this Corner 81 Rock the House 65 Born to Reign 59 ----------------------------------------------------------------------- here are the opitions (like u dont know em already :pony:) Rock The House And In This Corner... He's The Dj, I'm The Rapper Homebase Code Red Big Willie Style Willennium Born To Reign Lost and Found lets see what yall think... kinda hard isn't it?
  7. where can i download Real Player? thnx bwt!
  8. i just saw the movie not 2 long ago i donnu i mean Will acting is gre8 as useul but this movie wasnt very funny when i first saw the trailer i thugh 2 my self "man this movie is halirius" any way i voted for 8...
  9. Ice Cube - Anybody Seen The Popo's?! real cool song! from XXX2 soundtrack
  10. k thnx man im still new at this thing...
  11. Who the **** is Mc Ren next 2 Will??!?! com'on yall...
  12. YEAH!!!! com'on yall they r idiots! 50 cent can rap? gimmie a break
  13. 3-5 if they all be sucsseful then why not?
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