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  1. Hitch next line: "u r underarest 4 being ugly n 4 making a lot of copies" easy one..
  2. One of my fav JJFP songs!! Marques Houston - Naked ← yeah gre8 song! smart & funny in the same way JJFP - the thing that u do
  3. thnx a lot Brakes & Tim!!! :2thumbs: :2thumbs: :2thumbs:
  4. yeah i heard it b4 its kinda sucks u know these song are gre8 but the mix is sucks but thnx any way man!
  5. i said it once & u i'll say it again! U ARE THE MAN!!! thnx a lot!
  6. Will Smith - No More damn i almost forgot how gre8 this song is
  7. shut up! like u r better!! dumbass u call ur self Switch & Hitch n u didnt even saw hitch gimmie break and shut up and go back 2 willsmith.com Adir my man good luck with your album i liked your cover reall cool idea! good luck man :2thumbs:
  8. sound good thnx... btw i liked your signeter really cool!
  9. damn thats sucks cuz the dvd probbly work 4 only usa & canda thats totally sucks! they wont wrote what zone and what region is thats dvd... :thumbsdown:
  10. i saw the trailer look like a gre8 movie! guns, blood, jukes...all i need is a car chase and its the perfect man's movie...lol..
  11. why the hell i wont find this dvd at Amzon??? :wtf:
  12. thnx a lot Tim i hope its avilabile in Israel 2... edit: YEAH! its avilabile in all most every contry thnx a lot tim!!! :2thumbs:
  13. fresh_from_sofia U ARE THE MAN!!! i tell u that u should be led this forum or something u doing such a wonderful job in here keep on it!
  14. :word: ← damn i forgot 2 say thnx... thnx tim :2thumbs:
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