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  1. he's not dissing him, hell no the opiset he show him respect he saying that he wish he would made "Drop It Like Its Hot" wich is a big hip-hop hit made by Snoop beside it dont make any sence coz they did "Pump Ya Breaks" togerher why the hell would he diss some1 that made a song with him? :wtf: Will is not a man who dissing other ppl that easly Eminem was the first (wo)man he dissed (in a song of curse) i think, and i hope it will be the last
  2. :word: so i guess i should say happy brithday?
  3. Hip-Hop Ejay 5 or 4 :jazzy: they both gre8, 4 version is more simple but u got less opitions u can download it from any shering software :dj:
  4. who died and made u Tim? :shakehead:
  5. :yeahthat: I think that Will performed Switch, not 2 many time but lets say alot and he performed Party Starter for like only once or twise I think he should give Party Starter some more stage after all its gonna be the next single....
  6. All abroad! U about to pace against Lerkot & Bad Boy We gonna bring u the biggest hit since "Lord of the Rings" Coz my man, u aint never heard Lerkot sing The real mcs, no ice no bling bling No Benz, No Ferrari, No bentley When I said I'm the best Westwood said "Exactly" I'm number 1 in here, it’s a fact Don't forget that Lerkot got my back So don’t mess with me I spit strate rap coming right from me We gonna show u that the top of the rap is where we be I spit rhymes, it’s just like A, B, C to me We gonna win this one, son And if we lose then I'm not done Coz right here u messing with the king We talking rap man its not just one of those things good luck everybody :peace:
  7. it aint that hard 2 write "great newz thanks 4 posting that" on Big Will board or something and damn u can download all kind of jjfp songs and videos so its aint that helpful...
  8. yeah thats 4 sure so i think Tim should be more tuth about the spam he can banned member 4 copules of days and in most of the time its work its worked in my forum or u can give a warning...
  9. yeah non-members can't access here but its not that big dill 2 register....
  10. thats true i think that " JJFP Rare Tracks" forum should be for the ones who have lets say 150-200 posts? this is what i think... but we gotta c whats Tim will say...
  11. i can give ya but i dont think it will be aight coz u need 2 buy video from Tim i cant give ya something in free if someone from the forum sells it
  12. :lolsign: :rofl: :lolsign: :rofl: I can be your potna but how this is goes? i never juined a teams battle b4...
  13. lol Bad Boys next: "u know what? f*** u! and f*** them and f*** everybody how got a problem with me!"
  14. Those are real dope thnx Tim! :2thumbs:
  15. i dont think i know this song can u plz upload it?
  16. thank you very much!!!! damn this boy is annoying! :uhh:
  17. u know i dont reall know LL i know only few songs so i cant really vote but since Will is my fav rapper i voted 4 Big Will :D
  18. good news lets see if it gets gold b4 "Party Starter" will drop out that will be even better!
  19. yeah he's cool, that can be a nice movie
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