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  1. first of all thx a lot!!!! can u give me the lyrics of the disses? n y eminem dissied him?
  2. can some1 plz explain me what goin on wit Will n Eminem? n plz write simply, not long n not with compleceted words cuz my english isnt very well thx...
  3. on Will's new song- "mr. nice guy" he says "niggerz" but we know will as a "clean" singer, no curses on his songs, seens he was 11 he didnt included curses on his songs. i did a little chack n i found that will as been curse be4 on the song "U Saw My Blinker" (from: "Homebase")- he said "Bitch" ("...u saw my blinker bitch...") so what happen has he change his mind about the curses?!
  4. i thouth that one of de songs will be featring by Petty Pablo n another one with Ludacris...
  5. i know u! u are Adir right? u built de old israely fan site of Will it was a good one! 2 bad u closed it.... בהצלחה בהמשך הדרך!
  6. Will had been filmed 3 movie in half yeah, who yall like the best i think that I Robot is the best but i have't see Hitch yet....
  7. Hitch, the new Will Smith movie, coomin' 2 israel in feb. 17 hoop it will be another sucsses....
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