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  1. I don't think an actual album is gonna come. Just more random tracks here and there. Will's got a lot of Movies coming up again, and busy living that Social Media life.
  2. Wow. This all hàppened so quickly. Wonder where this copy got dug up from. But almost perfection VHS condition for its age.
  3. @bigted will's always been pretty pop to be fair. Not a problem when the song's are good. This could do well, or it could not. I don't understand the charts anymore lol. Its a decent song, but we all want a proper Rap song, not just a few lines on a collab.
  4. Did you get a ticket sorted for this Tim? Tim and Maggie have just moved over there within the last week so i'll have to let him know as well.
  5. I want to know peoples thoughts. With it being a year since these two shows. For the people that missed out, are you still hopeful of some JJFP shows? This is not a dig at anyone who didn't come, its just starting to feel like a once in a lifetime thing now.
  6. Good Stuff Man, Awesome you'll get to catch up with Jeff again. Tim Martin will be over there by then as well, so will have to let him know.
  7. M3 doesn't seem to be getting enough love on here. It's become my fave summer album. Listening to it most days on the way to work with this extended heatwave we've been having in the UK.
  8. @LerkotI'm sure there aren't many rappers smoking crack every day and managing to record songs
  9. Hey Tim. Sorry it's been so hard to get this pencilled in. Hard for me right now to commit at the moment.
  10. Still very early. Sometimes in this age a video needs to be released to build the hype.
  11. Not loving the track. But I guess it's kinda catchy and serves it's Samba Football style well enough. Will looks good in the video.
  12. Loving the hype for this. Good time to be a JJFP fan. Yes Jeff needs to get on board. But the hype train is pulling in.
  13. That quote is just in reference to the original 1986 version of the song Girls Ain't Nothing but trouble mentioning Sugar Ray Leonard rather than Nike Tyson in the later 1988 version. As far as we know there was never a different version of I think I can beat Mike Tyson.
  14. This reminds me of when we ripped Switch from the CDUK broadcast back in '05. Once again this site delivering the goods.
  15. It's got a real catchy chorus from what you can here, and a solid rap from Will on that verse. Just release it already Will. Whilst the hype is there
  16. I'm calling Will Smith Out. I dare you to make a new album with Jeff.
  17. Nat. Welcome back. You've missed a lot. 2017 was a huge year for us guys seeing Jeff and Will. Hope you're well.
  18. Ted. Sorry Man, but realistically this was never gonna go too far. I think Will and Jeff are pretty content with how there careers and awards have come about. I don't think this is a big concern for us the fans or them.
  19. I'll watch it over Christmas. The trailer looked decent. But we'll see i guess. If Will goes into the studio with Jeff in January, then Bright will be the last thing on ours and his mind.
  20. M3 is done Man. Its ready to go. Jeff is looking at very early 2018 for a release. But Jeff is hoping to get Will in the studio for 2 weeks in January.
  21. This could be big. Look how Stranger Things has blown up. Netflix is almost a sure thing right now for at least people trying out shows by watching.
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