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  1. Good interview... I wonder when we are allowed to know... Why don't we just ask?
  2. Ha ha! This was great.. It surprises me he forgets this song yet can remember From Da South (as Tim would know) word for word and not miss a step!
  3. Just bought my copy! Good luck with this one Tim!!!
  4. Trip down memory lane! Great seeing where I was back then! 10 years ago so we defo have to do one now!
  5. Yeah Chip went pop for a while but now he is fully back into Grime. I'm definitely looking forward to that album from Stormzy. He's actually announced that its dropping this summer!
  6. Maybe not so much albums but more so artists.. My favourite artists right now in that scene are Stormzy and also Chip.. For me they are doing it big and lyrically what I look for in artists.. Some of my favourite tracks by them are: Hear Dis | Chip and Stormzy https://youtu.be/j3xUloTrYA0 Standard | Stormzy https://youtu.be/FA49Iy_5IAk Honourable mention: Man Don't Care | JME feat Giggs https://youtu.be/rivFCwwvoh8
  7. Wow... Just as the 2pac Bio wraps...RIP Afeni... You gave us an legend...
  8. I have never heard this!! Thanks for bringing this Lerkot! Amazing find!
  9. That has made me a very happy man! Thanks for keeping us in the loop Nicole!
  10. Looks like this has now been pushed back to December... Pending of course Will doesn't sign on to another film http://n.mynews.ly/!EB.Divo6#.VtsRVu7_kvk.link
  11. Yeah it was defo number one here! When he said Boom I laughed! Jeff was in the video and everything!
  12. So it is a strong possibility won't be getting a World Tour, New Album or Bad Boys 3.... That sucks majorly.
  13. Always a great show when he is on it.
  14. Hope they are making plans!!! That can't be chance right?
  15. It will be very likely we get some new stuff whilst they are touring. It will be just them and all he equipment they need with them.. I'm with Kev on this one
  16. I'm just tentatively waiting.. Ready to jump on whatever, wherever!
  17. If The Roots are going on tour with JJFP that will be insane!! Is it 2016 yet?
  18. Never been to a festival!! Do you find out set times ahead of the day?
  19. Would love to see the full episode of this. https://www.facebook.com/HollywoodReporter/videos/10153117147037750/
  20. Enjoyed watching this! Can't say I agree with all the comments but loving the buzz it's generating!
  21. I remember seeing this somewhere before... This must have been posted on the board a while back... Loving the energy and Jeff's moves up there
  22. This is dope. The description says this is from 1987. I love the fact that stuff like this pops up from time to time!
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