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  1. Im out until 6:30pm UK time so will update and post it for those that don't get a chance to hear it then
  2. The video looks awesome! The song is growing on me the more i hear it!! They just mentioned on Beats 1 The Fresh Prince himself will be on in over in hour! I'll be recording the show!!
  3. Not all of them have been edited AJ.. His adlib of 'Back up B!tc#' is clear for all to hear on 'I Wish I Made That'. I really don't think it's a big deal. I love the fact that it's causing "controversy" amongst people.. Gets people talking. Smart move Will ✌️
  4. This also isn't the only time Will has dropped a curse word in his rhymes! If I recall I've heard him say B!tc# on a couple of tracks!
  5. Ha ha!! Welcome back Ant1!
  6. Kev and I will try and get some info end of the month!!
  7. That Zane Lowe interview makes me think there is an album in the works if not almost complete! Very good time to be a Fresh Prince fan right now!
  8. I wonder if this was the video he was shooting the other day!?!
  9. Also, Gosia has a freakishly great inside knowledge when it comes to the Smith Family!
  10. Wow... Please be what we've been waiting for... Will may be doing a Beyoncé on us and drop his album with no prior announcement
  11. You better!!! Just let me know and I'm there!
  12. Milton Keynes I'll probably go to.. It's just round the corner from me.. I could also make the Cambridge one as well ✌️
  13. I saw this earlier on this week! Great video Kev! Keep them coming!
  14. Finally the trailer has been released... Has definitely made me a bit more excited to see this... not sure what I was expecting before hand really.
  15. I am hoping this is isn't happening. There are some things you don't mess with and FPOBA is one of them!
  16. That was definitely an awesome interview!! Loved watching this
  17. I bought it and not impressed.... No where the level of the other two albums and for me has zero replay value. I like 2 tracks after my first listen... Maybe if I give it some more spins it will grow on me....
  18. No..... Can't place it... I know im gonna kick myself
  19. Must say I love this! A great twist on a classic track! http://youtu.be/k6kMZTRs7Tc
  20. I'm loving the information tease! This is definitely something magical... There is just something about Jeff's prduction sound which is just so soulful.. I love it. Looking forward to the new music as I know it will be special! The link to listen to the album is: https://soundcloud.com/daynejordan/memoirs-of-dayne-jordan-1 for those who don't have it.
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