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  1. Trailer looks freaking awesome! Hopefully this will open Will's eyes to the benefits of just acting rather than trying to have a creative input... Roll on 2016..
  2. And I'll be on that flight with you bro!!
  3. I've always wondered why they have never done a track together before! If this happens, I'm hoping this is a worldwide one and not just the states!
  4. Jeff has just posted on his Facebook last night that he had a long talk with LL Cool J about the possibility of JJFP and LL doing a tour! How amazing would that be!!
  5. Looks as if you can buy it from here... Wonder if they just copy and pasted the info from Wiki? http://www.undergroundhiphop.com/dj-jazzy-jeff-the-fresh-prince-homebase/SON4726718CD/#Comments
  6. There is a Homebase cassette on eBay. I messaged the seller to enquire about the tracklisting but no 'Let's Party'
  7. Ah love it! Boiler room was defo one of my fav sets he's played
  8. In the midst of last year’s Sony hack, one rather interesting snippet of news concerned the possible merging of the Jump Street and Men in Black film franchises. Seriously, I’m not kidding. Jump Streetdirectors Phil Lord and Chris Miller have spoken outabout the rumored project several times. According to Miller, it’s a concept “that makes you think.” Head-scratching hilarity aside, it looks like this fever dream of a movie might actually happen. Two different bits of news regarding the Jump Streetfranchise broke this week. The first is a female-driven film written by Broad City writers Lucia Aniello and Paul Downs. The second? TheWrap reports the wheels are turning for the crossover film, and… the wheels aren’t square-shaped: That actually kind of makes sense! If the first two films truly do tackle reboots/remakes and sequels respectively, then why wouldn’t a third film target cinematic universes? They’re all the rage, thanks to Marvel. (Let’s be honest, though, Quentin Tarantinodid it better.) Contract extensions are in the works for much of the Jump Street cast and crew, but there’s no word yet on whether or not Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, or Josh Brolin will reprise their roles.
  9. I've never seen that before! That is truly dope! Loved watching the videos at the bottom of the page again! Haven't seen that performance in a good while!
  10. I thought it was just me!! Glad to see it back up!
  11. Welcome to the board and thank you for sharing. Nothing beats the first time you get to witness Jeff do his thing. He is a genius at what he does and to actually see it is mind blowing. Definitely a great excuse to see him again.. And trust me... It doesn't get old!
  12. Looked like a great time was had!! Gonna take some getting used to seeing Jeff without glasses!
  13. I've been trying to get the lyrics from when I heard it. This is what I have:
  14. I think Bone is just abiding by the 'street code'. He's pretty hardcore in the streets and I don't think he would be scared of Suge....
  15. Sounds like a new verse!! Sound like he's made reference to BNF in it! This is good news!!!
  16. Nope... Same problem for me as well Julie. I am also having trouble with the board remembering me when I visit. It always seems to prompt me for my username and password rather than remember like it has done in the past
  17. Any other day I would have believed this... I just don't see Kanye putting Will on an album
  18. If they can do something similar to what LA Reid and Timbaland did with Michael Jacksons Xscape, I'd be happy.
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