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  1. Just came back from seeing it and I thoroughly loved it. I'm a huge con genre fan so this movie was right up my street. The chemistry between Maggie and Will was perfect and I think the movie was executed amazingly. I felt there were moments when the pace could have picked up a bit but asides from that I really enjoyed it. The humour was on point as well... Pretty much everyone in the cinema was laughing out loud. Probably my favourite Will Smith film since Bad Boys 2
  2. Still hoping to go to Jazz Cafe. Hopefully Baby Brakes #2 can hold on!
  3. I love this!! My whole family was cracking up watching that vid! Now is definitely the time for Will to do this.. Please let this happen!!
  4. Definitely my favourite track since 'Give It To 'Em'
  5. I think a lot people are lurkers now as opposed to contributors. i know I've been guilty of that of late!
  6. This sounds like my kind of movie! I like the fact it's not too deep or Oscar driven.. Something that I can watch and be entertained
  7. Sweet!! I thought it was another hacking but glad it was just an upgrade!
  8. Ha ha! I'm still on the forum everyday! Just not been posting as much as I used to!
  9. Actually looks pretty decent to me!
  10. Having trouble hearing the vocals. They sound really low
  11. Ale has been like that from day 1... He's some sort of Jedi...
  12. This was probably my most favourite battle/beef in hip hop! Great to see both of them on stage. Hopefully we'll get a track from them. Link to article: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2882079/LL-Cool-J-Canibus-end-17-year-long-feud-pair-hug-stage.html Link to video:
  13. They are Charlie Macks group! He is managing them at the moment. They are in good hands.. Doing big things !
  14. I got a long drive tonight so this will be my soundtrack there!
  15. Sounds like its been a tough few weeks Tim. You're a strong dude though.
  16. This seems to be gathering a lot of positive buzz! Also the potential for a franchise here as well. Great to see will branching out and playing a bad guy as well
  17. Tell me about it! That was a verse from the 90's he slightly modified. And to be cutting whilst he's rapping as well.. Whoa!
  18. Mad Skillz on Touring with DJ Jazzy Jeff Mad Skillz Kicks a Freestyle on Sway in the Morning Mad Skillz Kicks ANOTHER Freestyle on Sway in the Morning
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