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  1. Thats so good to hear!! I agree that they need more exposure to his music!! I do believe his fan base is enormous!
  2. [quote=DevilsJim89,Aug 2 2004, 04:08 AM][quote=JumpinJack AJ,Jul 31 2004, 01:33 AM] It's good 2 know cars in the future are gonna look real cool.  I just may have 2 get that same model...but in red of course.  It looks like it's in pretty good condition considering that tunnel scene. Thanx 4 the Jazzy Jeff pix!!  I still have nearly a dozen of Jazzy Jeff 2002 pix i never shared.[/quote] get em scaned dude! lolol Gotta love that I Robot car! haha nice! [/quote] Yeah definately!! I'm sure every 1 here would love to see them!
  3. HEY!!!! Its Simon[b]e[/b]<---- :cussing:
  4. Cool!!! Hopefully it will come out real good tho!
  5. Real excellent pix!! so close and intimate!
  6. I reckon it will happen................................eventually!!!
  7. "Something in your way go thru it / Pretend you got a swoosh in ya baby 'Just do it'!"
  8. [quote=Prince,Aug 1 2004, 02:20 PM][quote=Da Brakes,Aug 1 2004, 01:22 PM] I'm definately gonna bring my camcorder!!  And I'll post it up as soon as i can!![/quote] Cool dope. If it turns out good, you should make CDs with the performance on and sell them [/quote] Good idea!! Hopefully i'll get a good position and its not too dark!!
  9. I'm definately gonna bring my camcorder!! And I'll post it up as soon as i can!!
  10. Thanks every1!! I'm having such a great day!!! I'm actually on my way to a club right now!! It's gonna be so good!! Afraid no bday tune!! But i'm working on new songs so u'll get something soon!! I promise!! Thanks so much guys! I really appreciate all the 'Happy Birthdays!!'
  11. I'm gonna get there for about 2-3!! I just phoned up the cinema and they told me that you can't buy tickets for it!! if you wanted to go in you would have to have special invitation!! But you don't need tickets for the red carpet bit!! So wh's definately going and what time are you getting there??
  12. Yup yup!! Alot can happen in 4 weeks!!!
  13. I dont think i've ever heard of the thumb movies as well!! I take it there spoofs!
  14. True!! But he's obviously doing something right! People are still buying his albums! Y?? I don't know!
  15. Was just listening to that the other day!! At the mo I was listening to Nelly - Nellyville!!!! Just checking it out to see what kinda vibe he was giving.....................................................I think this album should have jus been instrumentals!!!
  16. Eminem Canibus LL Cool J IMx Marques Houston I'm sure there's plenty more!! Just can't think at the moment!
  17. [quote=FreshPrincess,Jul 30 2004, 12:09 PM]Hey Julie...i saw that too!![/quote] Julie hasn't posted in this thread!!!! :roll:
  18. We probably wouldn't wanna know!!!
  19. A tour would be AMAZING!! He really does need to do one!! We've all been waiting TOO long!!!
  20. There was a point when i hated listening to myself on track!! But i guess as i've started using better equipment to record my stuff, i've become more tolerable to my ears!!!! Now and then tho i still do cringe!! I'm my own worst critic!! I should have simone back up by the end of the day!!
  21. It was called 'Simone'!! I took it down tho a while back! Thats your fav 1??? Mine has to be 'Understand'
  22. Ha ha!!! Its just something I do! Not that I'm mad or anything!! Thats funny - I never thought using '!!' meant that you were mad!!
  23. Yea i think he's a funny guy!!! I liked his old game show 'Boys and Girls'
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