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    at the moment my interests are my studiebooks, i'm in my last year of highschool and i hope i will get my diploma. other things that interest me are music and my job.
  1. hahaha, i'm really stupid man! i thought it was about brids!! i was reading the story and i didn't get it, how on earth can there be a 1000 brids in ur yard?! stupid me
  2. i really hope they'll do a europe tour 2, i've never bin 2 a concert from will&jeff. that would be just fantastic :switch: :fingersx:
  3. I saw it friday, and i really loved it. the story was good and wasn't 2 predictable. can't wait 2 watch it again!! :D :peace:
  4. i speak dutch, my mom is german, i learned english (and german) in school and french, but i don't remember a lot of words. :peace:
  5. :beer: happy birthday 2 ya man!!
  6. i found some pix from his performance in amsterdam, the pix i made aint that good and these r better. i think 'switch' is a great song, only it's hard 4 me 2 remember lyrics after hearing them just 1 time, so i gotta dissapoint ya on that 1. the moves on the chorus from 'switch' r easy, u just clap 1 time on the right and 1 time on the left in a certain way on the rythem of the music. here r the links 4 the pics i found: [url="http://www.filmfocus.nl/images/plaatjes/13065.jpg"]pics[/url][url="http://www.kidsplanet.nl/planet/show/id=849574/contentid=494591"]pics2[
  7. [color=red] Happy Birthday!!!!![/color] hope you had a great day!! :peace:
  8. [quote]thats hillarious!!!!!!!!!! too bad that guy cant talk english! lololol[/quote] hahaha, i know. dutch ppl cant speak english that well, they (including me ) got a real bad accent. Will was here 4 the premiere from i, robot in amsterdam. so i traveld by train to amsterdam, that's about 2,5 hours away from my home. i only went 2 see him preforme and it was just great! that was the first time i saw him with my own eyes and i enjoyed every seccond of it!! the first song he did was "crazy in love", that was pretty fu
  9. i found a radio interview from a dutch radio station with will. it's funny, but it's 2 bad the dj didn't ask about his music. here's the link: [url="http://www.radio538.nl/538/index.jsp#"]interview with will[/url].jsp# it's on the right under the titel "iets gemist?" witch means, "mist something?" and then you'll c will's name. you can figure the rest out yourself. :peace:
  10. I was watching the tour de france 2day and they were giving the prices away and Will was there 2!! i didn't c it all of it, a friend of mine smsed me that Will was on tv, he was helping with the prices to the cyclists. apparently Will's a friend from lance armstrong, something i didn't know. :peace:
  11. Thanks ya'll, I had a great birthday!! i'm on vacation in Switserland right now , so i'm sorry that i didn't react sooner. thanks for all the birthday wishes :peace: Madelon
  12. man! Holland made it to the semi finalls! the dutch r normaly the worse at taking penalties, but this time they won! it would b cool if they win. 2night czech republic - denmark i think denmark will loose, the czech's r good. the semi finals Holland - Portugal Greece - winner from 2night
  13. I found this trailer from i, robot. so check it out www.apple.com/trailers/
  14. I'm 16 going on 17 in july
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