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  1. Yea!! Thats not really something to be proud of from a MAN'S point of view!!!
  2. Too many thumbs!!!! :cussing: :confused: :cussing:
  3. [quote=KevTastic,Jul 29 2004, 06:47 PM]Yo Da Brakes. One day when i finsih uni, and could afford to hire you for a film or sumthing, I'll give ya a call.[/quote] For sure!!! :thumb:
  4. [quote]Someone shut me up!! :blah:[/quote] Ha Ha!! Its very true what your saying tho!!
  5. I dunno! I thought 'Hot In Herre' was a good track!! Great to dance to in a club!
  6. Its ok!! I used it for a while but i much prefer Reason!! This is the real deal for when it comes to creating music!!! If you go here [b][url="http://www.soundclick.com/dabrakes"]www.soundclick.com/dabrakes[/url] [/b]and listen to 'Understand' and 'Make Noise!' they were all done on Reason (Sorry!! Shameless promotion!!) But it is really what your used to and what you feel most comfortable with!! And you don't get a free mic with music maker!!
  7. Nobody else gonna vote???? We only need a few more!!!
  8. I am glad he has decided to keep the two quite separate!! If he would have done 'rap films' I think he would have got typecasted and stuck in a rut!! He has done the right thing!! He is known as Will Smith the actor and Fresh Prince the emcee!! He even told LL Cool J to go by his christian name when he does any acting projects so that he gets taken seriously as an actor.
  9. We do need to do this!! But is is hard. The boards that i've been to and just had a Will Smith sig ridicule me for having it! Alot of people just don't accept Will as a credible rapper. I refuse to delete it tho!!
  10. This can (and I think probably will) go on forever!!!
  11. Some people have too much time on their hands!! :nono: :nono:
  12. I think i'd rather a mix of just Big Willie Style and Willenium!! Those were classics!!
  13. [quote=DevilsJim89,Jul 29 2004, 02:01 PM]is gettin old now...talk about it some more in depth. but great read!!! thanks.[/quote] He's just keeping us waiting and anticipating for it!! And its working!!
  14. Ha ha!! Thats the one! You wouldn't believe how many people say that to me!!! Its quite funny really!!
  15. Does anyone remember if any1 claimed to be Will himself??
  16. I remember on the old sony board a guy claiming to be Will's cousin!! :liar:
  17. [quote=Prince,Jul 29 2004, 12:37 PM]Sounds like Willennium all over again! [/quote] I really hope so!!! :music:
  18. We should all definately meet up guys!! We need to find out what time it starts! It'll so cool to actually meet people from the board!
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