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  1. This is definitely one of the better songs he has done since 'Give It To 'Em'.. He did a great job on this one.. His rhyme schemes and flows are on point!
  2. That's the risk he takes for his art... I fully expect you to adopt the same approach when doing your videos.. Dirty camera lenses and everything!!
  3. Apparently he just did this… no tricks.. Had his hand pierced in preparation and allowed it to not completely heal.
  4. I'm thinking the same sort of screen time as Jersey Girl... Nothing major
  5. It is depressing... There is absolutely no one that springs to mind who I recall spitting the same rap for 8 years running... I mean thisbos Fresh Prince... Every time his raps in Punic someone is gonna record it and post it online.. Does he not think the same people will see these videos??
  6. I love that story from Jeff... i think his Mum had it spot on though with regards to keeping him grounded. A lot of the problems with "celebrities" today (especially child/teenage ones) is that they start to believe the hype and get above their stations! Jeff is ridiculously humble and that just makes his career and achievements seem even more amazing! What's even greater is that i believe we have sooooooo much more from Jeff to come!
  7. I think I am the only one who is feeling 'meh' about this.. I think in have my standards set too high and expect something along the lines of Infinite, SSLP or MMLP
  8. If I'm totally honest and going from what we've seen from Will in the past I would prefer another album. But it would have to be a JJFP album. They haven't done a full album together properly since Code Red and we all know how that turned out. The trouble with a concert is that Will wont do the songs we all want him to. He'll do the Jiggy, MIB, Switch songs which he pretty much does everytime he performs. I was lucky enough to see Will and Jeff do their thing at the I,Robot premier. That is enough to last me. I need more music!!!
  9. I really need to get Jeff to sign something... It's been far too long now!!
  10. If I had Will's bank balance I would definitely have something like this.. Like Kev said when he's filming for 3-6 months he spends most of his time waiting around so why not do it in style?
  11. Ah amazing bro! What did you talk about? Did you manage to get a photo? I remember my first time like it was yesterday!
  12. Kev has just told me the video is online but as he is at another Jeff show he asked me to post it on here for everyone!! So here it is!!! The official JJFP.com interview with The Magnificent DJ Jazzy Jeff
  13. Take your time dude! Can't rush perfection!
  14. I think that was AJ's question! Great job dude!
  15. Great chatting with you today Nicole and once again thanks for all your help!! It's been an amazing 2 days! Certainly some more highlights this time around! The interview looked great and I think at one point there were four video cameras on the go! Chilling in Jeff's hotel room was so surreal.. Tim, Kev and I were chatting with Jeff about all things music related and he even let us hear some exclusives from an upcoming release next year (You are all in for a treat...classic Jeff) . I even brought Caleb down to meet Jeff and he took it in his stride! He didn't want a picture with Jeff but wanted to play on my iPhone instead! I told him he'd regret that in 20 years! All in all a memorable couple of days! Great set, great people, great memories. JJFP.COM REPRESENT!!
  16. Tim... Kev... Julie.. Are you all wearing a hat?? I don't wanna be the odd one out again!!
  17. Excellent! Thanks for sharing Joe!! Looks awesome!!
  18. Excellent! This is shaping up to be one of the best tours yet!
  19. How does he do it?? I'd be a wreck playing that late.. He last few shows have been late ones! I think I'm getting old
  20. Wow!! Another late one!! Afternoon nap methinks!! Have a great time Joe!!
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