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  1. He did the same when we saw him last in London. I believe he was in Coventry before he came down to London. About 2 hours drive. Bristol to Manchester is at least 3 hours though...
  2. Now I know how Dr Dre fans feel.. This is our version of 'Detox'
  3. You sir... Are completely nuts!! Loved it!!
  4. Great episode!! I have to agree Jim Skillz is one funny guy!
  5. That's amazing Kev! Really happy for you! I do love the fact we have all gone through so much together!
  6. I've been waiting for this!! Thanks again Nic!
  7. Thanks for the comments and shares on Facebook guys! It's amazing reading all the comments I've received on it so far!! How amazing would it be if Jeff saw this!
  8. Hey all Just thought I'd share my brand new song featuring Frank H Carter II and Caleb. Tim is responsible for the hookup on this!! It's been 2 years in the making but well worth it! I love it! As always would appreciate the likes, comments and shares! I Love You Baby (That's All I Know) - Brakes featuring Frank H Carter III & Caleb
  9. Will do! I've found a lot of it on the Jeff board
  10. Thanks Nic! Always down for Jazz Cafe again!
  11. Wow... Great bring back! I've pretty much nailed the wife/kid/house thing! Nice reading back on stuff like this.
  12. Oh... And Kanye didn't produce Clique.. It was Hit Boy
  13. 'Clique' beat is pretty damn good! (My opinion). I think Will is sensible with his music choices.. He hasn't had many misses in his career and I don't think we would have jumped on this track with Kanye if he wasn't 100% convinced. There is no doubt that Kanye can be a pretty sick producer and can definitely drop a rhyme when he wants. I'm just hoping he can rekindle some of that College Dropout Inspiration for this track
  14. This is excellent! And a great chance for people who have never seen a Jeff show to seem him do his thing! Thanks for sharing Nic!
  15. I love love love seeing the behind the scenes stuff with Jeff messing on the decks! Chris really needs to do a 'in the studio' or 'making the beat' video with Jeff.. That would be something special!
  16. Will definitely had his stink face on!! Shame we didn't get to hear his verse
  17. Errrr... WOWZERS! This had better be true! We know that they have done a track together in the past but let's hope this is real and we get to hear it!
  18. 'Focus' has definitely got my attention tho.. I would love for Will to very much take a back seat in this one and just concentrate on acting. Leave the director and scriptwriters to do their thing. I think that once Will does this and also doesn't fall back into 'wanting to win and Oscar' mode, we'll start to get some fantastic movies!
  19. Just came back from seeing it and what I would say is IGNORE the critics and go and see this movie. Like Julie said, this is a very different movie to what we are used to from Will but that is not necessarily a bad thing. I can see the message Will was trying to put across with the movie and I think it was executed reasonably well. Jaden's acting does have some work but I could see glimpses of Will in him. Especially when he . Even though this was a serious film there were still some comedy elements in it and moments where the cinema were laughing. One of my critiques for the movie is that Jaden seemed too young for the part. I think this should have been played by someone older and I think that would have helped some of the problems. I'm not sure what that would have done for the whole father/son element but something just wasn't quite right with his performance. As this was essentially Jaden's movie, I can see why decisions were made to have Will injured early on and not have any action scenes. My cinema was surprisingly empty considering this was the opening night so I'm hoping word of mouth changes that over the next few days. All in all an enjoyable experience for me. If I were to rate this movie (in comparison to Will's other films) I would give this 6.5 out of 10.
  20. Ha ha! I don't mind it to be honest! Makes me smile that I can predict most of what Skillz is about to say or what Jeff will play next! I'm pretty sure that if Skillz was ever sick, me or Kev could stand in for him!!!
  21. Very funny! I love seeing Will do things like this! We don't get enough of it in my opinion!
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