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  1. Ha ha! Great Chris! I really enjoyed this one! How many videos have you done now?
  2. Thank you Nicole! This will liven up my train journey into work today!!
  3. That was like something from The Shining! They need to invest in a lift. Hope you can make this one Tim! Would be great for us all to go again!
  4. I think I'm gonna enjoy watching Amir's career blossom!!
  5. Awesome Ale!!! Thumbs up my dude!
  6. Ahhh sweet! Hopefully an earlier start than last time!
  7. Ahhhh 'Around The World'.. It's all coming back now! Old age is catching up with me FAST Julie!!
  8. Really! Im surprised! They are pretty good!
  9. That's the one!! Lyrics are also here http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/will-smith/lyrics/b-sides/dont-hate-him.htm He's just adapted for the show
  10. I did think I was missing part of the video when schnazz said a new verse!! This and 'Willywood' are pretty much his go to verses for impromptu raps!!
  11. Ah it's a pharell beat! Shows how good will would sound over a Neptunes beat!
  12. Ha ha! Shows how in touch I am with the top 10!!
  13. Is the song the band playing original! It sounds 'Fresh'
  14. Jeff has put #VinylDestination some of the JJFP events...Hopefully Chris has caught some of them!
  15. Jeffs recent tweet!! It continues!! @djjazzyjeff215: Big Day for my Brother.."After Earth" Movie Premier in NYC today...We may have to do alil something special tonight!!!! #afterearth #jjfp
  16. Skillz had me cracking up in that one! He can be a really funny guy!!
  17. Me too.. And Julie isn't AE out the following Friday?
  18. The response has been fantastic... I'm not quite sure Will and Jeff expected it to be this vast! I agree Tim... They definitely need to strike whilst the iron is hot and capitalise on the buzz at the moment. I just hope that if anything is done, it is done as Jazzy Jeff & Fresh Prince.
  19. When you thinking of dong it? If I'm free I'll join it..
  20. That would be a dream! JJFP playing in a modern day arena... I was saying to Kev it's great that its the nation buzzing about JJFP and not just us on the forum.. Feels real good
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