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  1. It's only right I return the favour after you and Kevin have made do many trips to London!
  2. Great interview! Jeff is certainly one busy dude!
  3. I think the London premier was yesterday.. Jeff and Will in London... This HAS to be the beginning of something.. Anything you have to share Nicole would be GREATLY appreciated!!
  4. Hopefully he'll add another London date to schedule! I wonder if that means between now and October Jeff will be working on new music???
  5. For some reason I feel Julie has something to do with this.. What have you done Julie?.
  6. There are no words to describe this... Is this money motivated?? Is she seeking attention?? Does she need acting work?? She confuses me..
  7. Something tells me TLJ won't be back for this one..
  8. This is crazy... KK were so dope.. They were one of the groups I was most looking forward to seeing at the So So Def performance. RIP
  9. Definitely One of the funniest so far
  10. I'd love to have that buzz back we once had! They were good times!
  11. I'm confused... Was this produced by Jeff or Hannibal King?
  12. I'm intrigued.. Will needs a decent movie next.. I'm looking at something in the same vein/calibre as 'Enemy of the State'.
  13. Jeff very rarely plays his stuff or Will's... At Jazz Cafe he played Jiggy and that is probably the only time I've heard him play a Will Smith track. He likes to take people on a journey with his sets and play a wide range of tracks.. I can't remember the last time he played one genre for the night.
  14. Ahhh.. Me, Julie an Kev weren't far from you at all. We were by the speakers to your right. Great night as usual.. Jeff played some classics and some new routines.. Especially loved the little snippet he did of 'I Wanna Rock' Definitely the lastest he's been on when i've seen him but well worth it! And he also had Russell Peters there getting down with him! A couple of pics from the night. I hope Kev doesnt mind me posting this one as he took it!
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