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  1. Just caught this! Amazing to see Jeff and Lewis Hamilton just chilling!
  2. I saw it in a tweet by Scion AV. Here's the link! http://awe.sm/iEYIE
  3. I would LOVE to record in this studio! Definitely a shadow dream of mine! I've been waiting ages for a video like this.... I just wish it was longer and we actually got to see Jeff make the beat! Chris needs to do a 'proper' video like this for Jeff.
  4. Same!! I can't actually remember the last day I didn't check it.. I guess when there is not much to talk about it goes pretty quiet
  5. I thought I did post it! Something must have happened! I was kinda hoping they would come out with their clothes back to front!!
  6. http://youtu.be/rFeI_jDg1vI http://youtu.be/qKDtlZrrfqk http://youtu.be/7Tt0tQejgus
  7. This concert looked insane! Seeing this made me realise how much of a legend JD is and what he has accomplished! http://youtu.be/gsdmcsfymKI http://youtu.be/gsdmcsfymKI http://youtu.be/iAgRUYTyIWA http://youtu.be/fbPhEoSDWSg http://youtu.be/_1G389wpEFA http://youtu.be/DCLXChS2eBQ
  8. I am definitely hyped about this! All of Ushers best tracks have been with JD.... I will definitely be looking out for this!
  9. Yes yes YES!! Everything about this is right!! Tyrese, Ginuwine and Tank as TGT. http://youtu.be/czVC4sRfD8Y
  10. http://www.djjazzyjeff.com/archives/3635 Check out this very cool video by Pimp My Turntables as they customize a set of turntables for the one and only DJ Jazzy Jeff. This video features an in depth look at how the turntables are designed and finalized by a group of people who are extremely talented at what they do. Enjoy!
  11. Amir's new track produced by XXX http://www.djjazzyjeff.com/archives/3629 AMIRacle, the son of legendary turntablist and producer, DJ Jazzy Jeff, is back with another single Im About It. This track reveals what music means to him and why he plans on doing it for the rest of his life. Im About It is the second release to come from the 13 year old lyricist. In August AMIRacle gave us Think Back, a tribute to the many greats of Hip-Hop including his dad. AMIRacle is a super talented artist and Im really excited to be working with him, said DJ Jazzy Jeff. He has such an old soul and his own style that sometimes I forget hes my son. Produced by XXX, Im About It has a sound completely different from the light-hearted vibe of Think Back. Both songs are part of a bigger project AMIRacle is currently working on. Stay tuned for a video that includes Im About It and his next single Cocky Though.
  12. I love, love, LOVE these types of interviews! You get a real insight into Jeff and don't get asked the typical questions! Started off a bit shaky with some of the questions but the found their feet. Reminds me of the night in London with me, Tim and Kev. Thanks Nicole
  13. Thanks for the update Nicole. At least we know what sort of time to expect Jeff to be on! Two shows in one night! Hardcore!
  14. I was thinking the same thing!
  15. As much as we've all heard these speeches before, I can't help but smile when Will talks to the kids like this! It must be so inspiring for them... Let's hope they really listen and take notice
  16. Yeah just need to sort tickets.. This will be a first seeing Jeff at Scala
  17. I'll need to check my train times but should imagine I'll be there around that time!
  18. Ha ha!! I'm soooo telling my wife that! I've just caught up with Kev and he is gonna organise the hostel he's stayed at the last few shows. I've been checking hotels Julie and a few weeks ago I saw a Travelodge for £60.. Now they are all over £100.. It may be difficult to get a hotel for cheap around Kings Cross
  19. Where is everyone staying for this one? Don't want to risk me missing my last train again so gonna probably stay in a hotel
  20. Ha ha! I bet in 2 years time when we still haven't heard the track we would have realised we misread the article... It actually reads: "Kanye West records new track with Will Smith.....in the room"
  21. Thanks for the heads up on this Kev! Who's coming??
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