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  1. Thank you for the Acapella, Romano! I hope someone on the board has the instrumental aswell! :D
  2. Hey guys, whats up? DJ Krueger here. I know its been a while. But I really need some help on aquiring the instrumental & acapella for Just Cruisin. I know they're around, Ive seen them posted on this board before, so if anyone has them. It would be really appreciated, if you guys could help me out! Thanks!
  3. I kinda liked it, the guitar playin the elm street theme, was cool
  4. we'll never see this thing, again..unless someone has a connection with someone who works at mtv or taped it back in the day and puts it on youtube...dont get your hopes up..cuz this thing was part of a lawsuit settlement..its long buried and gone..
  5. ahaha, I like it..relates to me alot
  6. I gotta say, since the fresh prince of bel air days
  7. hmm...I gotta say Summer Time...its just so...I dunno, such a classic..I also like nightmare on my street.
  8. although I like them both, but in my opinion..I'd rather listen to an LL record, over a Jay-Z joint, anyday...
  9. nah, actually...jeff didnt produce this track..it was really actually the beat to "Think Big" from Pudgee P & The Notorious B.I.G.
  10. Ive been wanting this track for a few years now, Ive got a couple bars from it "here it is, a groove slightly transformed, just a bit of a break from the norm", in horrible quality, and the hook which is available at the end of the song. I will try to talk to some people, I may be able to aquire it.
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