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  1. will2k all da way. it wasnt that popular, but it was awesome for a party song.
  2. boom shake the room is not corny at all. have you guys heard the reverand? will smith raps fo fast..... i do not know why all of you love I'm looking so much. its not that good. their good songs are the fast paced ones and of course-summertime.
  3. here are all da carlton dances alfonso performed on da show. 1. "carlton dance" - its not unusual by tom jones 2. "striptease" - the hilarious strippin dance carlton did to Billie Jean 3. "drugged" - the dance carlton did when he was high 4. "michael jackson" - moonwalk, tap dancin, the "aaaaahhh" in the soul train episode there has to be one more carlton dance.
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