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  1. How do U know it isn't the other way around? How do U know they didn't both sample from the same source?
  2. That's a good quality live version. The original video clip is untouchable though.
  3. I meant the music sample. I know it from somewhere & it's bugging me!
  4. I got it off eMule. I've heard this sample before. Anybody else recognise it?
  5. The great thing about "He's the DJ..." is the scratching on every track. It became less prevalent over time because of the cost that must be forked out for samples.
  6. I knew someone who had "He's the DJ" on vinyl. I heard it & liked it so I got the cassette. It didn't take me long to realise I didn't like it, I love it. That album is better than anything I've heard for years.
  7. He's the DJ, I'm the Rapper on cassette. The first CD I ever bought was Beastie Boys - Paul's Boutique. The next 2 CDs I bought together. Rob Base - The Incredible Base & JJFP - Rock the House.
  8. Hi Hero1. I've wanted to become a "potna" since I first visited this forum. At last I've got a digital camera. Here is my collection. Thanx. This is gonna be fun!
  9. Thanx 4 the replies guys. Sonic 1988. Why do U say U'd need a grand? Is that 2 clear the acapella 4 a remix? That sounds cheaper than I'd thought.
  10. Hi guys. I want 2 do a remix using the vocals of SummerTime. I've checked the discography 4 the boys but I don't think it was ever officially released. R there any bootlegs or something that have it? Thanx 4 your time.
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