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  1. Oh it doesn't solve the root of the problem, no question. The idea though is that one Supreme Court judge will be up in the next 4 to 8 years. McCain and Obama both have opposite litmus tests for judges...and the litmus test is over abortion. And if a pro-life judge gets on the bench, the majority is on the pro-life side. If the opposite occurs, we will probably have missed our last shot to do anything to the roe v wade decision. I look at abortion as the ending of a life. So, I see 1.3 million abortions a year equalling 1.3 million killings. In the sense that I consider every abortion ending a life, 1/3 of my generation has died as a result of abortion in the last 30 years. So for me, it's genocide. And I can't condone that. To me, it's like the MEGA issue...one that John Locke, the original Hippocratic Oath (the one the doctors take), and many others affirmed was at the heart of why our government governs...to protect the most innocent and basic of freedoms: life. I never thought I'd be a one-issue voter. And to some degrees I'm not...because if say, Ron Paul or Mitt Romney got the vote, I think their terrible records would leave me in a better conscious to vote for a pro-choice candidate. Plus, my faith is straightforward on this one: To vote for a pro-choice candidate over a pro-life candidate, the pro-life candidate must be more overwhelmingly negative for the ideals of life even if 'pro-life' in name.
  2. Well she got me in McCain's corner....because of her looks... KIDDING. No, honestly, abortion is what keeps me from voting for Obama. In any case, I won't mind it when it's November 5th and we get a break from the politics.
  3. I think we see that on either side of the spectrum, 'politics' is a nasty game, where neither side is hollier than thou. You got one side trying to say terrorist fist jab and another trying to tie down the VP to some birth scandal. This is why we have such low turnout: people get so overwhelmed by illegitimate news.
  4. If the AP, or really any credible news outlet broke such a story, then it'd be worth reading.
  5. I've been mute on this album for some time...I had it a few weeks back and was going to review, but i'm still undecided on it. When I got ahold of the album, I was in a "hold onto summer" mentality so of course I'm riding "Dope Boys", "Games Pain", "Cali Sunshine", "Ya Heard", "Angel" more than any other. "Letter to the King" is something special, and "My life", "Let us live" are good too. I cannot stand the beat to "Never say goodbye" so its so hard to get into the song. Furthermore, I absolutely have no respect for DMX and his faux religious attitude. Sorry if that offends, but I feel he manipulates prayer as an excuse for the content. Mostly everyone mentioned what I've thought, although "State of Emergency" is nice and "House of Pain" is garbage. And lil wayne has no place singing. Idk, maybe I'm burnt out from Nas going so deep, but L.A.X feels like a feel good album minus a couple serious tracks and a few whhhhhhack tracks. Rhyme-wise, it was Ok. I love Angel, Games Pain, Dope Boys, Ya Heard and Letter to the King. "Gentlemen's Affair", "Money", "LAX" are decent at their very best. So, yea, Game should step it up. Compared to the rest of the music industry, GREAT album, but like others said, that doesn't mean much. I don't think it was a huge step up from the Doctor's Advocate, or at least not in the same way I think Doctor's Advocate topped the Documentary. Game even said it, he needs beef to get attention on his record... 3.75/5 stars
  6. Honestly, she's the perfect pick for McCain. Why? 1. She's young, a pretty face *beauty pagant in her teens*. Blatantly going to help reverse the "Obama Girl" votes in the male demographic. 2. She's gonna get some women's votes...she's a member of the Feminists for Life. 3. It offsets the whole "white, male" republican party idea 4. She does conservation efforts along with ethics reform in her own party (calling out Ted Stevens was awesome) 5. She comes from the state in the eye of many who think about drilling. I know drilling is DUMB, but the majority of the electorate wants to, and thinks it will work, so it she's from the right place. 6. She's well spoken. She won't Dan Quayle this one up. 7. She's not Mitt Romney, nor Mike Huckabee, so she won't scare independents who hate the Religious Right who are Bushies... 8. She's not Guiliani, whose pro-choice record scares that very religious right group from voting. 9. She's hip, McCain's not. She does snowboarding and stuff. And before you go and say that doesn't matter, remember, a tall, good looking, young hip guy beat out an experienced first lady and a former VP pick in John Edwards....perception is everything. 10. She relates to the core Republican base. I hate guns, but Republicans love it when you have an NRA member. She'll get crushed in debates with Biden, but McCain will crush Obama in debates so it shouldn't hurt too much. ^and before you get mad about me saying McCain will crush Obama in debates...Obama knows this, that's why he never did the town hall meetings. McCain is quick on his feet but terrible in front of a teleprompter. Obama is polished and quite amazing on the stump, but can get lost in his nuanced approach to answering (See Rick Warren's Forum between the two from a week ago).
  7. Biden will appeal to some, as his foreign policy experience is notable, but being a Catholic myself, he pisses me off. (Any Catholic who supports abortion is automatically excommunicated from the faith. Biden does support abortion, and cannot receive communion as long as he holds that view.) Plus he has a tendency to put his foot in his mouth. "I mean, you got the first mainstream African-American who is articulate and bright and clean and a nice-looking guy," ~Joe Biden ..... Just watched Hillary...she really put out a great rallying speech for her base.
  8. i have yet to see pineapple express...and now that i'm back to school in a few hours, i doubt i will for some time. it was between the two movies and i had some people really really recommend tropic thunder...so i am glad i listened
  9. to each his own I suppose... I guess Tropic Thunder for me continues my Arrested Development, Office, It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Stella, etc...type of humor...very quirky and many times built off of inside jokes.
  10. This is what "Scary Movie" dreams to be. Ben Stiller really, really just went all out and it's the funniest movie of the year. So many parodies: Christian Bale, Brokeback Mountain, Ringtone Rap, Tom Hanks, Russel Crowe, Hollywood management, War Movies, italian actors.... seriously, the cast is all star, with a certain good friend of Will Smith's putting in the funniest moment on camera in the last few years...... I really really suggest seeing this...some of the jokes are too smart for some of the public to get...like the connection between the Machinist/Christian Bale's anorexia and Robert Downey Junior's pigmentation twist to be black... Oh, and be aware right at the beginning...the previews will get you.... :thumbsup:
  11. I honestly think it is a result of the Nas flow. He flows amazing, if you pay attention. But too many people probably say "Why is he saying so much so quickly on the beat...just stop talking." And unfortunately the beat is all people care about. They'd be much more comfortable with 8 pauses or repeated simple phrases.
  12. wouldn't it be nice if JJFP and Biz Markie came out to close the show with Rick (I know, I know...but I can dream!)
  13. I've never seen it as anything more than a filler on the filler-full BTR but hey, it's not bad.
  14. Well, regarding all the youtube postings recently of him in the clubs in like 87 and supercalifragilistic, etc....Who has the actual tapes themselves? (since youtube quality is abissmal) Also the cameo's he did here and there after Girls Ain't Nothing But Trouble would be good...
  15. Fantasy football is the devil to me. Its a conflict of interest when you have a player in fantasy against your favorite team. Essentially, the only way I'd play is if I was guaranteed the whole 53 man roster of the Eagles. So, I'll pass. :sipread:
  16. it's got some real bad kinks. you search for a certain obvious topic and it brings back bogus results. it's pretty cool in presentation though. yuil was better, a yahoo spoof that contained the same interface but using the yahoo search engine.
  17. Oh, FINALLY they put up the video with commentary...Paul Sherwen and Craig Hummer. Sherwen and Liggett are the usual duo and Hummer was great as an analyst this year, so i'm happy. Now to watch...
  18. YOU HAD LEGGITT!? I'm jealous! I love the man. Him and Sherwen are absolute legends in the commentating booth. Was it just Leggitt? I need to see this with him commentating...I kind of starve when the Tour is over...I love waking up (reallllly early here) and listening to them each stage of the Tour de France. The olympics thing online doesn't provide commentary except for a little recap text at the bottom. If I woulda known this, I woulda recorded the race.
  19. I am watching the full replay after watching the highlights and reading the news stories...it sounds like the main competitors had no kick left in them...i mean evans was in a 23 man breakaway and they didn't stay clear? that's hard to believe. anyway...WHY can't I hear any announcers...I'm just watching and hearing no commentary. ugh.
  20. Meh, the real Olympics happen every year for a whole month in July. C'est le Tour de France et le match est pour le maillot jaune!!!!!!!!! (I live and die for Le Tour. That's probably why I didn't post that much in July. I spend hours upon hours watching. I almost made a topic here, but thought no one would care in this forum. Anyway, I do want to catch the cyclists in the Olympics, but most are opting out since it has been only 3 weeks since the Tour ended. Plus NBC is dumb and isn't letting Phil Leggit or Paul Sherwin, who are the best cycling announcers, announce the competition.) Oiy, no one cares.
  21. I am definitely excited. I should be getting ahold of the album by next tuesday! *it should be leaked over the weekend.
  22. Absolutely brilliant!!!!! :sipread:
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