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  1. Ya, I just checked Allhiphop as I usually do before getting here and I gotta say: Illseed is definitely off when it comes to politics (he believes 9/11 is a conspiracy) but when he gets to rumors about hip hop, he's usually right.
  2. hm? i don't know that i offered a specific definition... ..and that producing...about that... i really have been lacking on my game. or unmotivated. ya i'll go with that.
  3. It's tough. I was really on American Gangster. I really enjoyed much of the Blueprint. Reasonable Doubt was awesome, but a little before my time. I really like the one Volume with "It's Hot"--the diss at 50 that made me smile. But, yes, just because of everything surrounding it...The Black Album It's probably because he released it at the very, very end of high album sales....and riiiight before ringtone rap. He got everyone to know all the lyrics to all his songs. Somehow everyone knows each song on the album if they hear it. That is rare. And the content was quite good. Simple rhyming, as always (well except for American Gangster) but awesome content.
  4. last year when my college had napster (legal version), they didn't even have it. I don't use apple products (sansa mp3 player) and i've tried local record shops. i'll have to keep hunting (online retailers are usually a very last resort)
  5. i never heard the got to be real... someone very interested in letting me hear it?>
  6. i listened to it... awhile ago i think it's along the same lines as "where y'all at" that came out months before the hiphop is dead album. it's a street tester and will be left off the album. I love the one beat Toomp did for him, that you can find on forums... give nas time, he never fails
  7. YOU STOLE MY TOPIC. haha, no really, I've been meaning to put up a topic about Itsthereal.com Go to their site, I am a huge fan and have watched their videos since it debuted a year ago. Some of their funniest hip hop comedy sketches include "Lloyd Banks retirement party"...."Deconstructing Jay-Z"...."Deconstructing Biggie: UPS is hiring"...."Ghostwriters on Strike" It seriously is awesome. I love their show. if you go to their fanpage on facebook.... http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Real/11314775655 I have a review up on it myself about the show's greatness lol.
  8. there should be an official NHL discussion board. YA FLYERS
  9. Ok, good. I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who derived such a meaning from the original title.
  10. he's doing a diss towards deshawn's deal in the NBA. :stickpoke:
  11. Hip Hop and its remix are great.... the problem is.... the rest of his album goes back into the same gun, sex, drugs references.
  12. This song is absolutely awesome. Just try and name all the lyricists on this...more than what I wrote, or the website...Styles, Busta, Neyo? It's awesome. http://www.hiphopdx.com/index/audio/id.469...op-the-violence I wish this was more prevalent in Hip Hop.
  13. :wickedwisdom: Down 15? not a problem with andre miller at point!
  14. that's a double negative, so it actually is right for once. :stickpoke:
  15. Starting at 6pm EST, The sixers begin their run through the east to the finals. Sorry detroit fans, it's going to be our turn.
  16. I know Elvis may not like this...but how much more does Will got to do to be knighted the "King"? :fencing:
  17. I say we get a petition signed to stop the damn voice modifier. FIRST T-Pain. Then Snoop. Then Usher. Then Lil Wayne. IS THERE AN END IN SIGHT??? Oh and while we're at it, let's ban the kiddie-production loops. I mean the soulja boy instrumentals, lolipop instrumentals, the usher instrumentals (that polow da don refuses were from garage band although a youtube video by a 15 year old shows it is in fact the same loops on garage band)...really anything that feels like it belongs on a cartoon channel rather than a hip hop song...and then for it to go and be rapped over about sex, drugs, and alcohol just makes my brain explode.... sorry for the absolutely off-topic rant. i just think t-pain has infected hip hop with this absolutely terrible form of singing that is catching like wildfire.
  18. :yeahthat: He's one of my favorite rappers. He's better then a lot of 'em. Hurricane Chris, Jibbs, Soulja Boy, 50 Cent, Mike Jones, Three 6 Mafia... Have you been bumpin "Big Dreams" for the last 4 weeks like me? lol
  19. Come on, Game's got talent. He's controversial but he's definitely talented.
  20. Every analyst agrees, no more powerful lineup in the MLB than that of the Phils... but it's ok, disagree with the truth.
  21. The PHIGHTIN PHILS will win the NL East, like last year...and then the magical run through the playoffs... no one has a more potent lineup at bat. bullpen could use some work but we'll work through it
  22. Man you be taking shots left and right... Jay said it best... "I hear you debatin me lately, ive been doin my best to stay hater-free Still watch what you say to me! Sooner or later ill take you up on your offer and put you all in your place like im replacing your father..." :wickedwisdom:
  23. I agree! ha thanks! :gettinjiggywitit: You would win hands down!!! He's got great presence. And he had a sense of humor talking about kissing babies... He did reference Chris Rock in Head of State....he started doing "That Aint Right" to a round of applause!
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