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  1. seems to be so, google picks this one up the most
  2. i love how ja and dmx made up, but i dont think k-solo comes close to either
  3. At my college, we have a deal with napster, and we can download all we want to the computer for free. So I decided instead of bringing up my cd's just to download willenium. Apparently they dont have some songs for the cd, like Pump me up.... that being said...i began thinking, what's my favorite song from that album? I think Potnas, but I loved I'm comin and freakin it was fun back in the day, so was the song with bizmarkie and slick rick... so what do u think? ur fav part of that album ?
  4. i kinda feel like Will maxed out on his connections to get the production (timbaland), the guest appearances (snoop dogg), the hooks (ludacris for party starter) for the last album. He just doesn't seem to have it "in" with the current rap scene, like Dr. dre, Cool and Dre, etc. Unfortunately I got the impression that all the help he got on his last album was almost like forced just to give back to a guy who did soo much for the game. It almost seemed reluctant. So I would be surprised if he could come out with such hot beats again and appearances like that. With that in mind, I bet he and jazzy will do something similar to willenium.
  5. Hey, I had learned of the three songs from Lost and Found (Chosen One, We Won't, Comin' to the Stage) recently and being a HUGE fan, I've tried everything in my power to get my hands on the three. At best I was able to get a 30 second preview of Comin' to the Stage, and I'm loving what I hear. I searched through the previous posts in this forum, and the links that were once active (rapidshare and yousendit) to download the files have become inactive (grant it, it's been a year). I am asking anyone who has these tracks to somehow provide me with them. Whether it be through a message, or email (jdenv103@aim.com), or a link to an active download, PLEASE help me in getting these songs. No download site, whether subscription or P2P seems to have any trace of these songs. Thanks, Bob
  6. ya i got it 2 weeks in advance and it was good to pickup, not great to play, but def worth it. I love MARCH, altho some of the rhymes busta drops are duplicates from clinton sparks mixtape last january that busta spit on.
  7. he's decent, nothing to amazing...but good stuff to shuffle ur ipod to
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