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  1. I love the Philadelphia Inquirer. I am a bit hesitant regarding Flowers....I mean there is a bit of a theme that if you want an Oscar, play a mentally challenged person. It was a great book, but still...It's borderline offensive how Hollywood plays on the audience's emotions.
  2. I dated a girl and realized a similar 'situation' within the first few weeks of our relationship. I can't speak to much more, other than it may have caused our relationship to be very abbreviated.... To this day my friends and I get a kick out of it all. I would say though that her issue was not as excessive as you seemed to describe. Usually a friend will remind me with one simple phrase, "Dental floss"........ Yeah, yuck.
  3. Think of it like Les Soldes fixes just one day and really, really overindulgent.
  4. yeah busy days. well i was gonna review jay-z, but to be honest, jay and i aren't on speaking terms after that "empire state of mind" made jay=yankees. any good releases comin'? i've been soo off the scene.
  5. I don't think comparing him to Wayne is a way to prove he has improved his own ability. I think it is just a testament to how poor rap really is in the mainstream.
  6. The brands Jazzy and Will were wearing were the pop look then. I'd say LaCoste has some of that market now in the states, although we're really good at creating clothing and brands that steal thunder from international brands haha.
  7. Wow, just read the whole story. You gotttaaaa be kiddin me!!!!!!!!!
  8. I got concerned for a minute that you were gonna do another close of the forum for a bit...... ..... Wouldn't it be awesome if next February or something we are laughing at the idea of Will staying retired as we get to hear his first new single spinning on the radio.....
  9. Yo Tim, how we see the "last posts since you visited"? I see that we can look at recently added, and also see new stuff for each subject of the forum (caught in the middle, willywood, etc) but how bout all inclusive? Thanks!
  10. I am so indifferent to his release. I usually give a CD from that big a name a chance. Maybe in time.... To think a guy who did Renegade would leave me just bored is really surprising.
  11. I'd love to have Iverson back, but no one else would. I think the team has no chemistry and Brand has so far been a bad investment (they were losing awfully when he was healthy). I think having Iverson would be good for people like me, and for selling tickets, but I don't know if anyone believes that would position them towards a title since the team is run-and-gun with so many holes.
  12. I want to push the detonate on the sixers roster and coach...ugh.
  13. I know there are quite a few MLB and NFL fans out there. I'm just reaching out to the group, seeing how you all feel, especially the other Philly natives. For those of you who don't know, Harry Kalas was one of the top (I'd say easily the number 1) baseball announcers in history. He was the Myron Cope, the Harry Caray of Philadelphia, but a bit more with all the national notoriety he also held as the voice of NFL films. I spent every summer of mine with Harry's voice tuned while playing outside or chilling inside. I let him take me on the amazing ride that was this past postseason. I didn't get to hear his final pitch live, as I was at the game, but I got to be there live, as he sung "High Hopes" with the crowd after we won the World Series. Harry Kalas died yesterday in the announcing booth an hour or so before the game in DC started between the Nationals and the Phils. I, and many of my family and friends, feel so lost without the deep, edged voice to guide us through our summers...
  14. really people? I find it funny, being someone who totally supported McCain, that I have more trust in Obama in this crisis to nationalize the banks and then send 'em on their way when they are righted.
  15. Nationalization is the worst thing one can do right now. It might make the numbers look better at first, but it never works out in a long term. Really? I mean Geithner doesn't deny that the big assumption is that these assets have an actual intrinsic good value. The're toxic...which means this plan will just prop up their value...aka inflate. It's a leverage game that looks just like the type of 6 to 1, 12 to 1 leverage that got us here. In any case, I hope the plan works, but if it doesn't it only makes it tougher to do what's necessary to fix the problem. Is that nationalization? Seems to be.
  16. The Obama deception is fear mongering. I'm actually critical of Obama for not spending enough. I'm with Krugman on this one. And I think Nationalization is probably the better move than the bank rescue he planned. I'm gonna give him time on this one. That said, Obama could have made the stimulus (while needing to be almost double it's 800B amount) more "stimulative" by directly focusing on infrastructure. The idea that contraceptives were considered stimulus by Pelosi just shows that neither party is the rational party.
  17. Doesnt recording in the studio with no real intent to release/make profit show TRUE love for the game? you can't deny that this own words these last 6 months showed an apathy to the game.
  18. SLKFDLSKJFLSDJFLDSKJFLSDJF I'm actually realizing that he was IN THE STUDIO...and not just walking around, but RHYMING TO SOMETHING. I have a worry it will be like 2 min on K. Smiths album BUT WHO CARES... IT'S SOMETHING and it shows he has SOME kind of love for the game still.....
  19. .................................. Nova. .................................. All that needs to be said.
  20. Well it ain't LL who is letting money dictate him...I mean he could have gotten more sales if he said "Exit 13" would be his last album BEFORE it was released. Respect, but hopefully he pulls a Jay-z, just without the dud that was "Kingdom Come"....
  21. I agree...partly because Party Starter and Hero are the same beat....no complaints though
  22. Um, I'd just like to say, the MLB USA'ers seem focused on either playing light during the classic, as to not get hurt, or just abstaining from going to the tournament. That factors in bigtime.
  23. Your dads a very smart man! Now that's just dilusional
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