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  2. After listening to 5 seconds of TI, and knowing Dre's history of ghostwriters, I think this could very well be the cover vocals for him to eventually rap. At least TI's part, as it is very methodically different from TI's usual work. It's hard though to say Nas' lyrics are tuned for Dre in the same way.
  3. I just wish Will would see how big a reaction he gets for a rumor about music. I think it says something about the fervor that would be unleashed. People need him.
  4. Uh, I'd just like clarify, I made gains.
  5. HAHA YEAH 215 is the area code...hailing from the 2 1 5 we say.
  6. Seriously man, Roidriguez doesn't get any sympathy. A-Fraud cheated, so A-Fraud lost any credibility. The sport should hurt. That's the reality. If I found out Ryan Howard did drugs, I'd want him out of the league. He'd disappoint me so much to be his fan that I wouldn't want him to show his face. I can't see how anyone can be pleased with A(nabolic)lex.
  7. I agree. I hate Pittsburgh. Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner deserve the win.
  8. I'm pretty choked up. It's funny, here in a little French town in Normandy (right where Obama referenced the Allied Invasion in World War Two), I see so much hope (along with so many posters of Obama) by people so far removed by distance, but not by fraternity, from the United States. It makes me pretty proud to see the whole process, especially from abroad. I watched ABC, CNN, and CBS simultaneously on my computer here. I loved to see such a peaceful, exciting event. It's even more amazing, and humbling to see the influence my country's political/economic process has upon other, even older countries here in Europe. My president has my goodwill. God Bless, and let's get started.
  9. Just so I'm not a hater, I gave the album another shot. I still have the toughest time listening to the album. It just doesn't work for me.
  10. McNabb with the phone...Hello, New York...SEE YA!!!
  11. McNabb IS GREAT and will prove it Sunday
  12. Thanks guys! 1.) I am in Rouen and yes, I do want to visit Caen. I didn't know anything about any football (I'm forcing myself to say it in opposed to soccer) around Rouen, so I may in fact make it there one weekend. 2.) Julie--I will visit Kent Uni most likely first, but London and wherever my friend suggests, so I am all ears for advice. Oh, by the way, I know that personal gun use is nonexistent in the UK...SO why do the police have AK47s at Heathrow???? Couldn't a pistol do? I would think the US policemen would have the AK47's before London with the personal gun laws much less strict. That really scared me to no end! 3.) Visqo, man I got philly sports radio on when I'm in my room and I have some friends who will be watching with me 7pm (1pm NY time) Sunday as the Eagles beat the Giants. I got my 'serving' of philly intermittently throughout the day to get me by.
  13. Hey all...So I'm going to try and stay up on the boards, but I may be slacking for oh, say...the next 5 months! That is because as of last night, I am now a student in Normandy until June. It's really exciting and I am happy to realize my french is pretty good in conversation. Anyway, the reason I posted this topic, is I know some of you are from Western Europe. So any suggestions, places to visit, advice for a foreigner (wow, it's weird to describe myself that way) are welcome! UK (my buddy did an exchange program last year to my school, he attends Kent University), France, Spain, Germany, Italy...(anywhere in the Western European limits) any suggestions are welcome. Thank you!
  14. Man, if you are a Celtics fan, how are you an Eagles fan? Philly vs Boston in basketball is legendary...aka absolute hatred. It's impossible to cross in sports between the two cities.
  15. This movie was great! I connected with Will Smith's character because I'm quite OCD about past actions. I've even pondered how I'd deal with the death of someone if I felt responsible. Many people would have a tough time living with themselves if they felt they were the cause of someone else's death. I can also understand the reasoning that as much help as you give, it is never enough if you're still fortunate to live while others have died. Plot-wise: Solid. I don't have any complaints. Although I was surprised his character let himself dream about a possible relationship after the accident. Character-wise: Great. I think his brother and Holly were perfectly minimal in use. Enough to bounce off of you as something worth noting, but not too much to distort the movie's focus. As to why so many people didn't like the movie: 1.) I think people pick and choose early what they like in a movie, and I believe many were turned off by the marketing. They felt snubbed that the trailer gave little to the audience to go spend $10. 2.) People took kind to POH, but I think they worried and came in with preconceived ideas that the director would just duplicate the same style. Which he did, but I think it works. 3.) The movie was the reversal of the past few Will Smith movies: The start is not as good as the end. I think people were turned off early, and expected the end to flop ala I Am Legend and Hancock. 4.) We've got such a bleak economy and maybe people weren't looking to dampen the holidays. Although I will say this ending was a happy ending all-in-all. And finally...the biggest, which I think this forum's discussion further proves: 5.) Our society is still not at all comfortable with suicide as a rational end. It's a really unusual conversation to have, but for centuries, certain suicides were deemed honorable. Shakespeare spent time expressing the human condition where suicide seemed only logical to release the guilt and depression a person had. We've had the better part of a century learning otherwise: That suicide is selfish, dishonorable, and a crime. I can understand his character's decision. What further offends audiences is that the film presents his decision as truly brave and quite selfless. In fact, a case can be made for that idea. So I think many people just don't want to believe that such an action is ever justified or reasonable. I'd suggest this premise is more for the classical societies, whether early America or Renaissance Europe.
  16. ..... (just felt like reminding you what city is home of the most recent World Champions) ....
  17. Hi! I was at the Eagles game, just like I was at Game 5 of the World Series. Just pointing that out...
  18. Merry CHRISTmas!!!!!! (that's for you visqo, using that 'x' in the other Christmas thread)......
  19. BUT YOU HAVEN'T SEEN IT YET so how could you have any opinion on it? I haven't seen it yet, so I don't have an opinion on it.
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