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  1. I can record it as a .wav file so you can listen to it whenever you want. Shall I record it?
  2. Switch is 49% Can we vote as many times as we want?
  3. not as strange as your signature... :nhawong: :kekeke: seriously tho, i tried windows media player 7.1, 9 and just upgraded to 10 and still nothing. even tried winamp 5.07 and didnt work.. I can record it for you and send it but it will be a very big file.
  4. Is there a version you have to have or does it play on any version of Windows Media Player? Try Windows Media Player 7.1
  5. One On One Fresh Prince Of Bel Air All Of Us The Wayans Bros. (Possibly) Kenan & Kel
  6. Will beat the other girl. He's on top. 12.12%
  7. I tried voting a lot. I can only vote once in 5 minutes. Something is different. They keep going high...too high not by 1 or 2.
  8. Got a long way to be number one. Keep voting people. One more person to come down and he's at the top. I just noticed it was 5.08% before and changed to 5.88% just now.
  9. Before I didnt have to wait 5 minutes. I kept voting and voting and it kept adding itself.
  10. I voted about 3 times each minute. Straight after. BUT you gotta wait 5 minutes till your vote is added.
  11. Yeah I'm not gonna stop voting either. It deserves to be #1. It's gone up to 1.94% :thumb:
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