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  1. Yeah I'm gonna listen to it after. Right now... Will Smith - Party Starter
  2. Yeah people who said they'll type the lyrics can do it now. Unless, you wanna do it till you get the album
  3. Will Smith Feat Snoop Dogg - Pump Ya Brakes
  4. Thanks Hero1. I told my bad about it, he said why don't you copy it and I'll burn it on a CD for you. After that, I screwed at him. :dancingcool:
  5. Reading the lyrics might even make people buy the album when they check it out. I hope they buy it, not download it.
  6. FuQ - Drop A Gem (Freestyle) :thumb: Then.... FuQ - Survival Of The Fittest
  7. I've done too much downloading before. No more at all. I'm just gonna listen to other people and try to pass time. No I haven't downloaded anything. I've listened to 30 second preview of a track on the album though which is Mr Nice Guy.
  8. Try voting today and see if it comes on. Or is it every weekend?
  9. Switch comes on more and more. I think it will go higher. I'll say number 2.
  10. Don't have school Get Lost & Found any time I can Listen to it all day My dad is gonna take me cause I've been planning to go to the stores last week. I tell him everyday, he has to take me and said yes. Now I hope the site won't go off.
  11. Just Voted. Gonna be voting all night. Is there any time limit between each vote?
  12. How comes you stopped voting on this one http://www.xmradio.com/programming/20on20_vote.jsp
  13. Sorry people, but when I record the remix, it may have buffering interrupts. Forget that, I'll edit the buffering interrupts out.
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