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  1. I can´t understand why 50cent is on top5...He´s nothin but a bluff :cwm:
  2. heheheeheh...I love that "In da club" beat with FP rappin on it... :hilarious:
  3. Thankx Tim... :thumb: Never is enough of JJ&FP¡¡¡
  4. - Q-Tip - Ludacris -Biz Markie (again) :afro:
  5. I need to listen it again and again in order to be able to answer that question,but I LOVE the one called "Lost&Found"...and I think "Here he comes" is his best intro :wiggle:
  6. I think you just lost your mind,my man... :antlers:
  7. Yeah¡¡¡That picture is real...freshy¡¡¡ :hilarious: But still doesn´t work for me¡¡¡ :mad8:
  8. Samuel L.Jackson or Bruce Willis..on a Spike Lee´s or Tarantino´s
  9. I heard it and it´s amazing...really cool... JJ knows how to make better every beat
  10. Thankx man¡¡¡It´s amazing¡¡¡¡
  11. I´m gonna buy it...even at 35$, because otherwise, I don´t have another chance...That´s a big problem here in Spain¡¡¡ IT´S NOT FAIR¡¡¡¡¡
  12. Check this out: http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detai...=glance&s=music You can find here the name of the 2 bonus tracks of L&F..I guess you know it..but...
  13. His lyrics are better than ever...I didn´t expect so much from L&F but it´s greatest than any of his works
  14. After listen to L&F, I must say it´s obviously infinitely better than BTR and a little better than Willenium...but I still miss JJ...even that´s Will´s best album ever¡¡¡
  15. I just love this BWS picture..It´s one of my fav
  16. I think next single will be one with a co-star like Snoop or Luda...Marketing,you know...
  17. I hope nothin serious....I´ll pray for Jeff´s bro
  18. It´s the best cover since CODE RED...I love that cover¡¡¡
  19. I think the remix was better...
  20. Yo,check this out: http://www.warnerbros.co.uk/television/fre...nce/index2.html It´s really cool:a lot of info about the sitcom, the cast and a really funny game called DJ FRESH where you can play as a Dj making scratches,effects and watch your favorite characer dancin with the music you made ¡¡¡ That´s the official web of FPOBA,I didn´t know that it exists...
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