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  1. lol Puffy getting kicked out.. give tlc they money
  2. I saw a He's the DJ shirt a while back.. i'd like to have that first shirt with the opening line to suummertime on there Tim's shirt still has the best design i think i just ordered one of jeff's shirts can't wait to get it
  3. Yeah that's what i thought she just gave up because she kept getting arested.
  4. I'm so hyped to here this i can't wait!!
  5. I've always wanted to scratch like jeff now i get my chance.. the track list looks decent to.
  6. The Transformers Theme (Alternate Version) Transformers The Movie 20th Anniversary Edition (2007)
  7. Alvin and the Chipmunks - Thank You Undeniable (2008)
  8. Hope you had a great Bday man!!
  9. Awesome thanks for sharing dparrott.. i always wanted to get the first 2 fat boys albums but their hard as heck to find.
  10. MARIAH CAREY - Candy Bling Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel (2009) I'm loving her new album so far.. it just flows better than E=Mc2 did
  11. Beastie Boys - Shazam! To The 5 Boroughs (2004)
  12. I wish there was a how well do you know will smith's music career quiz i think that would be a cool thing to do.
  13. Hope you had a great Bday analogue!!
  14. Yeah i've ben rocking Homebase and Code Red back to back.. I wanna rock right now!!
  15. Wow 200 member in just a couple of days.. can't tell me there isn't a demand for a new album!! Romano did a great job on that video gets me hype.
  16. Just signed up i'm gonna ask a friend of mind to since i've noticed they became a fan on his page.. i hope the word gets out and will see's how much people love his music to!!
  17. MARIAH CAREY ft DA BRAT- 4 Real 4 Real E=MC2
  18. Maybe he'll notice our petition for a new album if he puts up more vids of him playing golf haha!.. i think it'll be cool to mintion how dope lost and found was.
  19. Mariah Carey - I Want to Know what love is
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