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  1. He's released a number of mixtapes, my favorite would have to be B.O.B. vs Bobby Ray. If you can find a dj less version it is fantastic.
  2. Ice Cube even said this wasn't a diss. http://www.icecube.com/users/icecube/blogs/336871
  3. http://illroots.com/2009/12/22/proverb-will-smith/
  4. Congratulations And I hope you enjoy a lot of success. !
  5. I don't know about Chuck Norris but Van Damme turned it down, Snipes was in Jail, and Seagal had a falling out with the producer.
  6. I joined! Sent it out to a couple of friends too.
  7. We finally get a rough copy of the trailer, its a cam but still exciting! http://www.iesb.net/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=7457:grainy-bootleg-trailer-of-stallones-the-expendables-in-online&catid=40:trailers-and-clips&Itemid=75
  8. I've never used a image hosting website so I don't know if this will work. But these are Pictures from a concert i went to. It was hosted by Drew Brees for his foundation and in tribute to Fats Domino. Fats was there as was Drew Brees but the performers were Junior Brown, Little Richard, Chuck Berry, BB King, Keb Mo, Taj Mahal, Ozomatli and Wycleff Jean, with Tracy Morgan as host. It was one of my first concerts and well worth the Weekend Drive from Wisconsin to New Orleans. These are the best pictures i took let me know what you guys think. http://picasaweb.google.com/BCisewski/NewOrleansDominoEffect?feat=directlink
  9. true ,better for me then Elvis..... but i dont know who made it , its like : Bob Marley for reggae The Beatles for rock James Brown for funk MJ for pop Louis Armstrong for jazz Sam Cooke or Otis for soul johnny cash for country +Marvin Gaye ,Ray, Bob Dylan (maybe best lyrics)Little Richard,Freddie Mercury,Aretha Franklin... for me the final battle will be James and Sam :) but i dont know and i dont care more than that ;) If you look at all Sam Cooke did in the music industry I don't think anyone can say he didn't have a huge impact in music, defiantly in my top 5 solo artists.
  10. OMFG!!! How have I not seen this before. Thanks so much, I absolutely love oldies freaken Dion and Will on the same track! That was awsome, thanks again. So where they all on this record and if so I need to find it?
  11. I honestly came to into the world a little late to fully remember all the hype, if i remember i had the bad album but can't remember it all that well, I do have History Volume 1 and have always loved that. I went out amidst all the turmoil and bought Invincible because I still had Confidence in the fact he knew how to make great music, and I can say I was not disseminated. He's always been on my list of Artists to complete their collection but I always hoped it would be a bigger collection and who knows maybe it still will be. He's up there with artist like Chuck Berry, Sam Cooke, The Temptations, and JJFP of artists to complete. Only one more for JJFP, but that limited income concept never helps. The Downside of not already having the albums is that I don't have all the memories some of you guys have but i do have memories, The positive is that the longer it takes for me to get them is every once in a while i can get something that is new and fresh to me and create my own memories. That's the great thing about music people will continue to discover music. I've always wished I had some type of musical talent or could be involved in the process of music making in someway or another, even as a security guard in a music studio would be cool, if you guys ever have something i could do let me know. Side note: I was going to order an early Temptations CD off of amazon and i figured i might as well pick up a MJ album. Any Suggestions? I was thinking Thriller but there seems to be a ton of different versions. While it is not necessarily the right place to post it but one thing i love to do is write. I wrote this a long time ago and it seems fitting for this occasion and sums up what i feel about music. Tell me why? What? Tell me what it is about music, blues, Rock n' Roll, Rap, Soul, Country and yes even polkas, it doesn't matter, just tell me what it is that makes me feel so damn good. What is it about that awesome riff that impels everyone in the room to pull out their air guitars and join in. What makes us go from tapping our feet to the beat to dancing foolishly around without a care in the world. Or how about when our arms throw their goosebumps in the air when that commanding voice touches our spirit and lifts it up into the clouds. What drives us to roll down the window of our car and crank up our radio because we feel compelled to share the music with the rest of the world, even in the dead of winter. i guess if i knew that i'd be a musician but until then I'll just listen and keep tapping along.
  12. This is a bummer I was at work when the guy on the radio broke the news, No matter what people say about him he made great music when he was young and older. When the news broke the radio station started playing the music the rest of the day. If he did have a heart attack and slipped into a coma its an interesting parallel to one of his idols Jackie Wilson.
  13. I absolutely love Oldies, and of course Blues, and while everyone may laugh I love Polka's.
  14. It was on the US store yesterday but it's gone today.
  15. With Will's concept of running and reading he and Jazzy should hook up and do something like this. I'm tight on cash right now but definitely want to check this out.
  16. I'd be lieing if I didn't say the Pink ranger was hot!
  17. At least we get to see a rap we haven't all heard, so i guess we could say we've gotten new music.
  18. That's all that I've been wanting, just to have him release some unreleased tracks or something online every once in a while, even 1 or 2 a year.
  19. http://allhiphop.com/stories/multimedia__m...1/20772972.aspx Not about his music but still cool.
  20. I love when hip hop takes it back, and i don't mean old school, i mean to the roots of blues and rock and roll. This song looks like it was done for the movie Cadillac Records, I'm loving it, have a listen. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XURllRey7UQ
  21. "I don't want the music or any of those other mistresses to get in the way of my true love." - Will Smith http://www.rockymountainnews.com/news/2008...round-as-actor/ I don't know, it's quotes like this that make me lose respect a little bit. It's cool that he's found a new passion and I'm not saying he always needs to have music in his life but we've heard him say that music is his true passion now this. It almost lowers the quality of his music when you listen to it and he says stuff like "the day i retire is the day i expire" but its obviously not true. I'll enjoy his music and i enjoy some his movies, though i usually support his movies to support his music if that makes any sense but he'll still be one of my favorite rappers.
  22. Will is a smart guy, he never really got called a legend so he comes out with a movie with legend in the title, now it's everywhere.
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