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  1. I think I should play the lottery because that 5% seems to have won. I just couldn't swing the living expences of NYC so I'm gonna be heading to Fresno. Just thought I'd update if anyone really cares :laugh:
  2. If any of you guys are like me, and i'm guessing a lot of you are, you can't always afford brand new albums. So where do you guys go for a deal on music? For me I love hitting up goodwill. Since I didn't start listening to Hip-Hop until late Junior High so it's pretty easy to find early and 90's hip-hop I've never heard. Over the last year or so I've gotten a lot of CD's all for $2.99 or less, and I've only ever been burned once. List of Just the Hip-Hop-ish albums: Montell Jordan : This is How we do it New Jack City Soundtrack Young M.C. : Brainstorm Young M.C. : Stone Cold Rhymin' Warren G : Regulate... (The one I got Burned on, really scratched.) Heavy D & The Boyz : Big Time Tone-Loc : Loced After Dark Arrested Development : 3 years 5 mounths and two days in the life of... Obie Trice : Cheers Ja Rule : The last Temptation Busta Rhymes : Woo (single) Snoop Dogg : Da Game is to be sold, not to be told. Warren G : I want it all Digital Underground : Sex Packets Fugees : The Score Sir Mixalot : Mack Daddy Wild Wild West soundrack Romeo Must Die soundtrack Naughty by nature : ninteen naughty nine (whopping .49 cents) De la soul : Art official intelligence mosaic thump I love finding stuff that I haven't heard of, especially when I can't afford to spend $15 on something I may not like. So where do you guy's find your stuff?
  3. Just curios what it's like. I just got accepted to John Jay for graduate school and am 95% sure that's where i'm going in the fall. The only other choice is Fresno State. I'm just wondering what kind of culture shock I need to be prepared for.
  4. You guys might like to see that the daily show had a blast with it. http://www.2dopeboyz.com/2011/05/12/the-daily-show-takes-on-the-common-controversy-video/
  5. The only other one that comes to mind is this one.
  6. My co-worker texted me yesterday with the bummer news. I grew up on oldies until I hit Junior High when I branched out into Blues and Rap. My Coworkers are all younger then me by a few years so i'm always finding them stuff they havn't heard before. Recently I'd introduced both of them to Nate Dogg, and even just last week we were talking about how we hoped for a comeback for him. Really didn't expect the news.
  7. But that's why I think people are excited about them signing to Shady. They took six days to make the record, now give them more time, more access to big names for beats and guests it should be a very good album.
  8. I have to agree that the slaughterhouse album was good. From what i've heard there was some type of mixup with Joel Ortiz's album, the physical album come out later but aparently Amazon didn't get the message and made it available for download.
  9. I like that they signed to Shady Records, i'm not the biggest Eminem fan but I do think it will give Slaugtherhouse more mobility. I also notice a lot movement in big name signing throughout the Hip-Hop community, it's really got me excited, hoping for a shift in what's big. I've been digging Royce a lot last year but I havn't gotten an album from him minus the slaughterhouse album, any recomendations?
  10. Have you guy's ever found an old peice of Hip-Hop or any music for that matter, that you discover but can never find any information on it? And I mean really just hit a dead end. A few years back I found an artist online just like that, listened to the music, but could never figure out what happend to them. The artist I found was Lord Aaqil, I listened to his album, you can also hear it on you tube: His other songs are on youtube aswell. But the point is the most I could find out was he was from Philly, and the album goes for crazy money on ebay. Anyway if you guy's have any info on this guy let me know. But also let me know if you've ever hit a dead end on an aritist before.
  11. Was this the album that had the Soul Bossa Nostra remake with Ludacris and Naturally 7?
  12. I really do think that there is a ranking system in that, it's the same kind of ranking system as in college sports. If there was no ranking, there really wouldn't be a number associated with anyone.
  13. I thought he was giving props, but I didn't know after seeing this. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhK7XfvNltS0vKGo0f All he says is 'come on' in response to Will's place at 15 but doesn't say if it should be higher or lower.
  14. Not really a questions, I just thought it might me something you guys might want to talk about. I'm way to tired to know exatly what he'd saying but I'm curiose if Joe Budden is really saying Will Smith is the greatest. I'm thinking there may have been a double meaning but again, too tired. Lets discuss. 4:40 into the song. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RLBazq7V3Vw
  15. Thanks for the responses guy's. I agree I'll stick with spendin.
  16. Hey guys. I'm writing and article for a class and was hoping you guys could help me out with a lyric. I want to get it right but i'm a bit conflicted. The song is Ice Cubes "No country for young men" I think the lyric is "And if I fail to mention I'm spendin’ up my pension." but a lot of sites state spinnin in place of spending. I know thos sites are not always reliable and the CD booklet doesn't have the lyrics. If you guys could give me your opinion that would be great. Here's the song.
  17. I always thought he did a nice job with this.
  18. Thats an American Comedian saying it though, just saying...
  19. Thats just it, whether he found god or not, he always seems to be a hypocrit. I've got nothing against an artist who doesn't swear but Eminem has always argued for it. It comes down to the Will Smith diss that really bothers me.
  20. Didn't Canibus record the diss to KRS-One after the two had already made a track together?
  21. So if I calculate this correctly will JJFP be up for nomination next year?
  22. I bought it at bestbuy, they had it for $9.99, and I thought it was good. I didn't think it was great, there were a few songs I didn't care for but I don't agree with all the negative views it's getting on the net. I think even though he called it I Am the West he wanted to try a few new things, which I'm all for whether they turn out or not. I have a feeling though that some of these might have been to fill in where Dr. Dre dissapeared. I think it refelcts poorly on someone who starts a project, especially with someone who is independent and leave him hanging, and not just hip hop in life you shouldn't start something for someone and bail. And the fact that he did it to Snoop as well just magnify's it.
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