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  1. Not huge but still cool. Good song too. http://allhiphop.com/stories/multimedia__m...5/20723720.aspx
  2. I'm a fan of Nelly, at least like someone said, when you put a lot of his best songs together. The problem with his CD is, if i remember correctly, he only had one song that was just him. I like him but apart from Chuck D and even that song only had Chuck on it for 20 seconds, I'm not a fan of most of the other acts on his CD. It wasn't really a Nelly CD as it was a CD with a bunch of people with the common thread being Nelly.
  3. How many european countries currently have black leaders, and how many were built and thrived on the slave trade or slavery in general? I'd probably be willing to argue that most European countries thrived on slavery. I'm excited that the first president I ever got to vote for is the one that won.
  4. My K-mart put it out on Monday for whatever reason so i picked it up then. I Like it I usaully like the more pumped up songs for when I'm out doing something so this album is pretty cool in that regard. I am willing to admit to liking the American Girl song even though he had to mention the Packers getting beat by the Giants. It made me sad... :)
  5. God Damn Ted Thompson. I've got a feeling he won't be around much longer.
  6. I though his name wasn't William?
  7. That was really cool, it's fun seeing all this stuff i have not seen to get that will the rapper taste when he's not performing.
  8. I don't know where exactly the picture was taken but it looks like he might have performed a bit. http://www.imdb.com/media/rm1030264576/tt0448157
  9. Maybe when we take a look at the good threads we're too busy going out trying to find that cd then to write a comment. Like someone else said they just look around the the interesting threads. I don't spend much time talking on forums I usually have other things I want to do. But you'll also notice i don't post in the useless threads either. If i have time i'll post something i thought was interesting. Anyway about the song, since i'm already here, its not too bad though it didn't get me ask excited as the Chuck D and Bo Diddley track i found last week.
  10. Whatever it makes I'm sure it will be more then I'll make in my lifetime.
  11. If any of you guy's are the type of people who want to know the lyrics then check out the the bottom of the RIP Bo Diddley thread they had he posts his lyrics. And an interesting story about the day he met him. http://www.publicenemy.com/pb/viewtopic.ph...34&start=15
  12. No problem, there's nothing better to me then mixing my favorite old rockers with new music today. Thats why I loved Jerry Lee Lewis last man standing. I just wish Chuck Berry would produce a new record. I believe he has it done but can't find anyone to release it.
  13. I was looking over at the Public Enemy board and he posted a link to the song(to purchase) that Chuck did with Bo Diddley, a little farther down the board someone posted a download version. And i have to say it rocks! It shows age doesn't matter because no matter how old you are you can still rock. http://www.publicenemy.com/pb/viewtopic.php?t=45132
  14. Bo Diddley Died, this is just a bummer, He was on the list of singers that i'd like to see along with Chuck Berry, DJJJFP and Jerry lee lewis and John fogerty. I need to get on this. I caught wind that there was a Unreleased track that Him and Chuck D did together, thats something i'd love to see. http://www.bloomberg.com/apps/news?pid=206...O0&refer=us
  15. I can't be the only one who had not seen this, not to mention that a lot of the lyrics seem different then the one on the album. http://youtube.com/watch?v=_aoeU8UFpU8
  16. I believe one of the programs i use is EPHPOD, though i have not yet found a program that also converts it. I'm assuming you have an ipod and it will work for you otherwise if your just looking to take it off of itunes itself you might just have to burn a cd or create a back up.
  17. I was looking around the internet and came a crossed a group called D.J. Chuck Chillout and Kool Chip, I had never heard of them before and kind find much information, not to mention their album looks to be ridiculously expensive, does anyone have any songs by them that you think are really good.
  18. So a couple of weeks ago my hard drive crashed, and believe me you never realize what you lose when that happens until it has, Luckily a lot of my music is still on my ipod, but there is still a lot i lost. Regardless I have a lot of music On my ipod that i consider priceless, such as my Grandpa and Great Grandpa music. I'm here asking if anyone knows of a program that i can use to take the music off of my ipod But convert it to mp3 at the same time? I've found programs that i have been able to get the music off but i then have to locate it, convert it so i can play it on my computer without itunes and, organize it. If anyone could help that would be great.
  19. Has anyone ever got this? Was it any good? I love the music but i was wondering if anyone here had gotten it? http://youtube.com/watch?v=fS4IGQ-yGCo Edit: I guess I answered my own question. http://www.motownremixed.com/main2.html
  20. http://youtube.com/watch?v=aG9XLmfoJhk Now i have to wait another year. Bummer.
  21. Man She just taunts us with nice weather, we finally hit 50 degree teeshirt weather and then move up to the 70's and now just 2 days later we hit 3 inches of snow. Can't go ice fishing because all of the snow is melted and its too cold to go out on a boat. I wish Nature would just make up its mind.
  22. I'm not really a die hard baseball fan, more of a football fan and I'm still bummed about Brett Favre, but my team would have to be the Brewers, they seem to be doing pretty decent right now.
  23. The mic is probably in the hospital, if i remember correctly it was repossess and had the cord amputated. It's expecting a full recovery.
  24. Don't jinx it now, i do believe you said the patriots were unstoppable and look what happened . That was just a joke
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