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  1. He said on his new album his first single was with kwame or however you spell it.
  2. Will is on trl and someone finally asked him about a new album. He has a single comeing out in 6 weeks, he said his albums first single is done by kwame not sure how to spell it, he's still on it i'm going back to watch.
  3. Thanks for that song. The great thing about not having hered most of his songs is that i never have to wait to get a new cd.
  4. Don't seem very bright or know waht they are talking about. Check out this i robot message board some of these people are stupid. [url="http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0343818/"]http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0343818/[/url]
  5. friday [url="http://forums.go.com/forums/livewithregis/message?byThread=false&messageID=397233"]http://forums.go.com/forums/livewithregis/...essageID=397233[/url]
  6. Vh1 did this awsomly bad song countdown and Will2k got #14 they completely bashed it, and of course i had never hered of the people talking about it. i actually like will2k.
  7. [url="http://www.iofilm.co.uk/feats/interviews/i/i_robot_will_040611.php"]http://www.iofilm.co.uk/feats/interviews/i...will_040611.php[/url]
  8. :cya: This is kind of funny. [url="http://breakingnews.iol.ie/entertainment/story.asp?j=110427578&p=yyx4z8z84"]http://breakingnews.iol.ie/entertainment/s...578&p=yyx4z8z84[/url]
  9. I did a search for will smith on there and it said in 2002, Ready Rock C was sueing Will for back money, saying he co wrote parents just don't understand. Does anybody know how that turned out? [url="http://www.allhiphop.com/hiphopnews/?ID=28"]http://www.allhiphop.com/hiphopnews/?ID=28[/url]
  10. How do you know though? Did you meet and talk to him. I don't doubt you i'm just wondering.
  11. i'm totaly confused on this thread. :dunno:
  12. [quote=Wild Child,Jun 4 2004, 04:39 PM]that's a very good song man. let me see, i've listen to it like 20 times and i 4got to make replies to this post. I was kinda kicked out of the computer at school 4 playing it out loud in class.[/quote] That might end up happening to me because at home i keep getting The file format is invalid. (Error=8004022F) Any other way i can listen to it.
  13. so far Willenium is my favorite, but thanks to you serching tips I'll be getting Homebase and Code Red soon off ebay.
  14. Ok i'll keep looking on ebay and thanks for the welcome.
  15. Hello, believe it or not i had not gotten into Will Smith and Dj Jazzy Jeffs music until last year, and it really got me into rap and i really like their music. Now the first cd i got was Big Willie Style then i got the Greatest hits, Wilenium, born to reign and he's the dj. anyway i was wondering if anybody here knows a website that sells their older cds and offers check or money orders. I've went to e-bay and they rarley have any other will smith cd's then i already have and when they do i usally get out bid. thanks for any help.
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