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  1. Sheree Zampino, former fashion design student, I have no idea what she does now :dunno:
  2. It aired here in Chi-Town yesterday, while I was watching the Vibe Awards
  3. celebrityphoto.com is better than wireimage,there are photos of jada and will from 1995.very nice photos yeah so does filmmagic, but wireimage added a few rare ones I'd never seen :thumb:
  4. I was gonna put this under the other thread but I wanted to make sure everybody checked it out...Wireimage has been adding more of their older pics to the site, trust me I can tell LOL! so search under Will Smith and start from the end...there's some great ones of him and Jeff, too bad I don't have a membership b/c I'd post some http://www.wireimage.com
  5. he'll be 12 on Thursday...where did the time go :dunno:
  6. I did, they don't call me WillJadaFan/BigJadafan for nothin'....y'all been sleepin' on Jada :dunno:
  7. yeah he spent the summer in Italy then he had to get back to school, unlike his little brother and sister, and there is a bit of an age gap so he probably wants to be around his own friends more...but I get the feeling we'll be seeing him again real soon ...he's just been In- cog- negro lately! :kekeke:
  8. take a break-no need to call the censors it's squeaky clean WillJadafan, once again on the M-I-C but I'mma keep it short & sweet sumthin' kinda like me just givin' you a taste of the talents I posess... and I ain't one to brag, but today I MUST digress....
  9. James Avery and Debbie Allen are scheduled for the 23 of Nov.
  10. aww...don't leave....can't we all just get along! damn...show some love people
  11. Simply put: I've never been more disappointed
  12. now wait...stop...just pause forget the rhyme for a minute....continue the applause give us props for how far we've come, shower us with praise and smile, cuz today is one of those "Lovely Days" (damn I'm kinda good LOL)
  13. and proves that FP fans are lyrical masters who hold the cure from lyrical disasters that speak from the soul, and rhyme on the spot and the rhymes continue cuz the rhymers are hot
  14. Karma...Alicia Keys..."now yooooouuu" Over and Over Again...Nelly and Tim Mgraw..."it's all in my head" Drop it Like it's Hott...Snoop Dogg and Pharell...."drop it like it's hoooot" I'm loving all these songs right now, I go nuts when I catch 'em on the radio :kekeke:
  15. well he had a cameo in Straight clownin' the Alex Thomas comedy special
  16. thanx hopefully we'll get some new info :thumb:
  17. let's see if I can do this right: that was Will Smith BB2 here's mine: "like it?, black? couple cubes of"
  18. I love this video young LL is actually played by LL's real son Najee
  19. the episode where they got robbed, Will was standing in the empty living room screaming: Will:"Ahhhh, ah, ah, ah,....we was robbed!" Hilary runs into the empty living room: "Ohmigod what'd they take?!" :roll:
  20. make you hesistate 'cause you can't rhyme on the spot my lyrics is calm and cool, but my flow is hot I'm a poet, so battle you...I will not So take ya time, seek and find, don't let me stump you, continue the rhyme
  21. Thank you! simple is exactly what I was going for, because I thought that would make it easier for me to foray into writing song...you don't wanna hear me sing :kekeke: but I wish I could though
  22. I got inspired watching Oprah, and Martina McBride was on singing a song she wrote for her daughter, and I wanted to write something really sweet and maybe with a little tweaking it can become a song one day "Beautiful You" Before you there was never anything so sweet From the moment I felt your presence and heard your heart beat I knew that my life would never be the same But I'm ecstatic and forever greatful for what it became how much you mean to me...Beautiful You the joys you bring to me...Beautiful You you make my world whole...Beautiful You you complete my soul...Beautiful You My love is reflected within your eyes Every sweet smile, is a sweet surprise Like the wings of butterflies, your laughter sets me free You're so Beautiful, you bring out the best in me how much you mean to me...Beautiful You the joys you bring to me...Beautiful You you make my world whole...Beautiful You you complete my soul...Beautiful You I'll love you forever always, until the end of all time I love you more than the air I breathe:" Beautiful Mine" Before you there was never anything so sweet Without you my life would never be complete how much you mean to me...Beautiful You the joys you bring to me...Beautiful you you make my world whole...Beautiful You you complete my soul...Beautiful You I don't have any kids, but there are a few that I love very much, I sorta took the love that I have for my mom and kinda reversed it
  23. no boo at the moment, but I love this song, esp, the chorus
  24. y'all crazy, I'm finally getting my scanner in a couple of days :clap:
  25. poetry, poetry, poetry :kekeke: writing stories, pretty much writing in general...painting a little bit, I have to be in the mood, I can act, I've just never persued it, also graphic arts I just don't have the resources right now
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