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  1. Jada also said that she and Will are Executive Producing two other shows, Will another sitcom and I think hers may be a drama , but that's all i know for now...I love All Of Us I tape every episode, and I can tell what's loosely based on Will and Jada and what's not, from past interviews and stuff. I love when Jaden guest stars as Reggie, he cracks me up, the kid definetly has talent, but then he is Will and Jada's little boy so what would you expect?
  2. Tomorrow on Access Hollywood, it's a first look at Will's first romantic comedy, they showed a clip where he was gettin on the jet ski and he kicked Eva Mendes in her face, and when Kevin James tried to kiss him he said "What the hell was that?" It looks funny so I'm gonna be sure to check it out even though I hate the title Hitched...be on the lookout for pics and coverage for the Shark Tale premieres on the 10, 11, and 27...not sure if Will's going to all three, but he is going to the one on Friday in Italy...so keep lookin' out :thumb:
  3. I love that scene outside the house and when Will cursed at that old lady at the funeral...that was hilarious :roll:
  4. Preeeeeeeach! I feel you AJ; I couldn't have said it better myself :thumb:
  5. I'm not pissed, I was just playin' with you :switch: , but up until a while ago, a lot of people thought I was a dude
  6. um...who the hell you callin' dude? Might I remind you that I"M A GIRL! We've been over this before and I was just sayin' that because everybody started to voice their opinion, didn't mean that it was turning into a bad thing...trust me I know what a forum is for DUDE :thumb:
  7. It didn't really, everybody just started to voice their opinions, but I'm with you because I love Will and I love Jada, hence the name WillJadafan, and I admire both their musical talents even though they have different styles :clap:
  8. But that's the thing though, it's not Will's album, it's Jada's so you can't be too mad at him for doin' it, unless he does it on his OWN album, then that's different... but how can you say you're not going to like it, if you haven't heard it yet? That's all I'm saying :dunno: Can you at least wait until you hear it, then say you don't like it? :dunno: Will has even said,"I step up when she needs me to step up, and I back up when she's got it." so I think they respect each others creative space, and only get involved when the other person wants them to...
  9. DevilsJim, you startin' to sound like a hater, I mean what difference does it make if the song is good? It's not he's being forced, maybe he just wants to create something artistic with his wife
  10. No idea, but I do know that she's under new management now, in all areas, she's being managed by IMC...and during the tour two different A&R reps. were looking to sign her and the band....Jada's blowin' up! Do You Girl! :clap:
  11. How you know? I figured he would be because he was supposed to be on the last one...finally, I wonder what the track will be like...now I'm thirsty for two albums
  12. Did anybody in the UK get to see her on TRL UK?
  13. She wasn't his date, they were just on the red carpet together for a few minutes, his brother was with him and Fawn one of Jada's good friends and their assistant...did you hear them call the movie Hitched? I wasn't too fond of The Last First Kiss but it was better than Hitched....did you see her present with Omarion? She's got a smart mouth, I'm starting to believe she's mean like that for real....I don't appreciate her being associated with Big Will, he's too nice, maybe some of it will rub off on her since they worked together LOL!
  14. Just saw Will on the red carpet.... he's by himself tonight as far as I can tell and he did a small interview and once again he said NOTHING about the album.... HE'S DRIVING ME NUTS! LOL! Fifteen minutes 'til show time! :switch:
  15. Big Will was partying in Miami yesterday with P.Diddy and Bruce Willis according to two pics over at [url="http://www.wireimage.com"]http://www.wireimage.com[/url]
  16. The various premieres will take place on the 10, 11, and 27 of September...
  17. Shaq is the one who comes out of the ceiling...Will is supposed to be in the first ten minutes of the show...watch the pre show for his arrival by car, or boat, or who knows? My bad...Will does come out of the ceiling...is it me or does Shaq look horrible? Will looks so little standing next to him. But then who wouldn't?
  18. According to Entertainment Tonight Will is announcing Shaq's arrival as he comes out of the ceiling,(who cares, I'd rather see FP and JJ perform) but knowing MTV and because of the location they'll probably play Miami as he's coming out...as far as I know Jada's his date, because they keep showing them together and talking about the couples that will be there...I know a few years ago he took Trey and his Mom and sister were there also...
  19. I know what you mean Jaden already told him " Don't save the world anymore Daddy"LOL!
  20. It shouldn't be too long now, they just shot it last weekend in LA, according to paul hunter.com :switch:
  21. I've never heard of this magazine, where does it circulate?
  22. They will definetly have coverage on E! News Live and Entertainment tonight so check it out! two more links, pretty much the same pics though: [url="http://www.lfi.co.uk"]http://www.lfi.co.uk[/url] [url="http://www.dailyceleb.com"]http://www.dailyceleb.com[/url] according to google news he performed Summertime, but I really wouldn't have cared as long as I got to see Big Will live! Oh Yeah, my name's Ashley for whoever wanted to know LOL!
  23. the previous post is mine "Willjadafan"...I forgot to login LOL!
  24. SHAME ON YOU, HE PERFORMED WITH JADA AND HER BAND WICKED WISDOM AT THE GROVE (SOMEWHERE IN L.A.) THE KIDS WERE THERE TOO, IF YOU LIVE IN THAT AREA AND MISSED IT SHAME ON YOU! IT WAS FREE TOO! TOO BAD I'M STUCK HERE IN THE WINDY CITY LOL! THERE'S SOME PICS AT WIREIMAGE, BUT NONE WITH HIM IN THEM, SO HOPEFULLY THERE WILL BE MORE, CHECK OUT THE PICS AND THE WW MESSAGE BOARD, WHERE I'M SURE PEOPLE WILL BE POSTIN' MORE DETAILS! [url="http://www.wireimage.com"]http://www.wireimage.com[/url] [url="http://www.wickedwisdom.net"]http://www.wickedwisdom.net[/url] just found pics with him in them, him and Jada slobbin' each other down! [url="http://www.celebrityphoto.com"]http://www.celebrityphoto.com[/url] also be sure to check out the entertainment shows for coverage of the event tomorrow, if you can!
  25. Man this was one of the funniest Jada interviews I've ever seen...especially when she was talking about the baking contest, and Christmas dinner she goes Sheree makes the big dinner and I make the biscuits...LOL :roll:
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