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  1. from the episode where Will was wearing the fat suit and he saw Lisa at the market with her male friend Dana Lisa:" Will?" Will:" Well it ain't Fat Albert!" :roll:
  2. you threw me off for a minute...NO MORE WILL SMITH!? NOOOOOOOO :kekeke:
  3. I had no idea she was lil grumpy, thanks for thr shout Hero! :clap:
  4. :sad6: STOP TEASING ME! Big Will come on and put me outta my misery, give a sista a sample or something :kekeke:
  5. Jaden's scheduled for tonite's episode...I love him, his character is so funny :kekeke:
  6. nope, just writing from my heart, my own situation is similar to that
  7. Daddy's Girl Dear Diary, My daddy told me one time that I was the most beautiful girl in the world, so I send him pictures every few months but mommy always gets the 8x10. My daddy told me one time that I was his most favorite girl so I wrote him a letter signed with hugs and kisses and that night while mommy tucked me in I told her I loved her. My daddy told me one time that I got my smarts and talent from him, so he sends money for A's and mommy taught me how to save. Daddy had told me more than one time that I was the center of his heart And everytime he told me that, bits of my soul fell apart Long ago I became lost among his promises and he never came to find me So anything daddy's ever told me I've put it all behind me Even the time he told me that he loved me more than air All I ever wanted daddy to tell me is that he'd always be there But mommy was always there loving and caring in her own way And although I was daddy's girl once I'm mommy's everyday And if you ask me if I love him; yeah I guess I do But every morning I say "Mommy I love you" and she says "Baby, I love you too"
  8. thanx a lot guys! I'm an aspiring author and poet, and I recently wrote my second free verse piece that kinda turned into a poem and nobody's read it but my Mommy and I wanna post it and see what you guys think...it's probably different from what most of you might be used to though, I'll post it later
  9. just thought of another one, around the time Will and Lisa were about to get married but he found out her name was Beulah, and they started arguing and Will goes: Will: Somebody's gotta be the mature one here.......and it ain't gonna be me AUNT JE-MI-MA! :roll:
  10. My Heart's Soul...written@5:15am 10-4-04 I'm sitting here wondering what tomorrow will bring to me And I'm happy because an Angel started to sing to me Her lyrics told me I could be whatever I wanted to be And as soon as I unshackled my soul, I'd truly be free So I took her advice and used it to the best of my ability Because I couldn't let insecurities overcome mental agility I must stay on task, focus, and do my best always Because happiness is measured in good faith and not in good praise I must follow my passion wherever it leads In order to mend my soul; my heart must bleed And rid itself of pain and make room for a vacancy To keep ahold of my passion and the places that it's taken me My joy on paper, my soul's center in a pen Everyday I hope and pray this song will never end My soul wrote the lyrics that my heart sings And the chorus plays everytime an Angel spreads its wings
  11. I forget the name of the episode but it's the one where Jazz was staying with them when Geoffrey got sick and he and Will were arguing: Will: I bust my hump at school all day while you sit at home watching soap operas and eating bon bons Jazz: well maybe it's because you never take me out anymore! Will: Well I would if you fixed yourself up a little...wait a minute why are we arguing? we sound like a old married couple Jazz: so now I'm old? :roll: Jeff had some of the funniest lines on FPOBA
  12. And this is the first time I've ever graced a freestyle microphone But I gotta admit, that it feels just like home
  13. from the episode starring Malcolm Jamal Warner aka Theo Huxtable, I can't remember his character's name I think it was Eric though Will: "Man this thing used to say Cold Chillin' now it say old chili " Eric : "What's the name of your insurance company?" Will: "Yo fault! I don't have none and I don't need none cuz it's yo fault!" From the same episode Will's outside blasting OPP Vivian: "Ohmigod is it an earthquake?" Philip: "I think it's the big one Vivian" Geoffrey:" Not unless he's down with O-P-P.....YEAH YOU KNOW ME!" :roll:
  14. [quote=Prince,Oct 1 2004, 10:41 AM]To be honest, I have little to no respect for people that build up things like those around them. It really is taking it too far; in my opinion it is almost taunting poverty and poor people it seems.[/quote] Why do you see it like that? It's just two people building their dream home, it's not like they're throwing their riches in somebody else's face, I think if you work hard for something you'd want it done the way you'd like, wouldn't you? :dunno: I'm not trying to start nothing I'm just wondering, so let's not take this thread in an entirely different direction, I'm just curious as to why you feel that way
  15. sorry about that photobucket was having some issues
  16. Then pass the mic over to me, it's willjadafan on the M-I-C Gotta vent, gotta represent, much love for My Man Big Will-E (my first post here )
  17. Well of course it's for both of them, but they made it a point to say for Jada, so maybe they'll work together in one, or she has one of her own? I just wrote what was sent with the picture man :thumb:
  18. Have no idea where this pic came from, but it is their house, which is now worth about $18 million, has a movie theater, a recording studio for Jada, private gym, two tennis courts, a pool, and a private lake with an island: [img]http://www.photobucket.com/albums/v399/bigjadenfan/Smithhouse.jpg[/img] And it's still not FINISHED
  19. I read the article where he said Jaden is his Guru
  20. these are cool, thanx 4 posting them, I checked out the thumbnails at the gallery, because I couldn't view them full size, but I'm feelin' the site more and more :thumb:
  21. earlier I posted their little interviews in his film forum I Make This Look Good, under the Sharkspeare in the Park thread
  22. [quote=Hero1,Sep 27 2004, 06:51 PM]explain brain   [/quote] the same auntie that used to call me Tatyana called me Brain when I was little because when I was in second grade I took a test with eigth graders and scored better than a lot of them, so they wanted me to skip third grade, but I didn't want to and nobody forced me, and in elementary and Jr. high I was always in the highest "ranked" class and my test scores were always two years ahead, like standardized tests when a 7 point something was good, I'd get like a 9.5 or higher...and now all I do is read and write while I earn my degree in Early Childhood education from home.....so all of that adds up to me being called Brain Britney Spears was a joke between me and my uncle, because we were arguing over whether or not her chest was real, and if she'd had plastic surgery or something, and I really can't stand a lot of things about her, so to piss me off he started calling me Britney, as opposed to Pashley, so I call him Uncle Pam, as in Pamela Anderson, and everytime we see each other we make "breast jokes" and Penny comes from another auntie, who called me that while I was acting out the famous iron scene, so I started calling her Anna Mae, as in Anna Mae Bullock as in Tina Turner because she's always having drama with her man as soon as I can I'll post a pic, I'm not saying we're twins but people say when I smile I look like her, esp. on her Kiss the Sky album cover, that's what got my auntie started calling me Tatyana
  23. Will was just on Access Hollywood and they asked him what's the difference between Oscar and Nemo and he said "Oscar will whup Nemo's ass!" His Burning Questions: What's your favorite part of Jada's body and why? the part of the waist that turns into the hip, "I love that that's my spot right there boy,that's my spot!" what's the most romantic gift you've ever given Jada? "my heart" I know you really love your wife Jada, but if you weren't married to her, whom could you see yourself with? "my relationship with Jada is so perfect and so powerful that anybody else would be a step down, and I would just become a priest" Look for premiere coverage tomorrow
  24. but Jada's chatting with her WW fans Friday night, I wish Will knew about this site, maybe someone can get in on the chat and see if she says anything about Big Will, I would but I can't access chats on this stupid computer...Jada's finally talking to her fans and Bigjadafan aka ME! won't be able to participate...hopefully someone will let me know how it goes and if she says anything about Will and/or his music as well as hers because i can't wait for the next WW album
  25. oh okay, I thought you were wondering if she was young, and yes those abbreviations are okay...I have so many Nicknames it's not even funny: Miss Lady, Miss Ashley, Ashley Abbott (I was named after a soap opera character), China, Ash, Tatyana, Brain, Little,Cold Cash,Britney Spears (don't ask, please don't ask) PAshley, Niece, Ashley Poo, Penny (from Good Times)...and the list goes on and on, but I quit before I embarass myself any further :roll:
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