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  1. [quote=mfuqua23,Sep 27 2004, 03:19 PM]I forgot what I posted here. Ya mom looks like she could be ya sister. Do I sense something here.[/quote] If you're sensing that's she's young then yes you are. I'm 18 (Prince) and my Mom just turned 34, and my Grandma's turning 54 tomorrow, but I'm very close to my Mom and we relate to one another very well and a lot of that has to do with us being able to communicate and we're best friends and a lot of people can't say that about their parents, so I consider myself lucky, or blessed I should say. Even my friends love her, but she's still very much a parent.....but to answer your question Prince I'm 18, and i've been the same size since sixth grade and my 13/14 year old cousins are bigger than me, and they never hesitate to let me know that either
  2. yeah, that's how I knew what he was gonna say before he said it, Will's been using that phrase in interviews lately too, it must be a family thang
  3. [quote=Kimmie,Sep 27 2004, 09:58 AM][color=purple]wow willjadafan, dya get lots of male attention then?[/color][/quote] yes lots of UNwanted male attention, and in the past year it's mostly been from OLDer guys, for some reason I attract guys with an RKelly complex (and I live in Chicago ) and it's weird because I'm petite, about 5 foot 1 and most people think I'm like 14/15 years old and I always get carded at the movies and stuff and people swear my Mom is my sister, we were at the mall yesterday and some guy asked me if she was my sister.......my mom's a FP fan too, we were watching CSI Miami and she said "Will put Miami on the map didn't he?, and then PDiddy tried to come up behind him and hype it up." I thought that was weird that even my Mom can see PDiddy's "Will Bitin" ways. We were arguing one day, well just playing around really, and the FPOBA marathon was on and I forget what we were talking about but I'm like "No you not!" and she's like "yes I am!" and I'm like no you not!" and she got really quiet and then she bust out "In west Philadelphia born and raised..." and I was just dying laughing because it was so unnecessary but I love my Mommy she cracks me up
  4. the New York premiere is tonite the big "Sharkspeare in the Park" premiere in Central Park, Will was just on the Today show....just thought I'd let you guys know since people are curious as to when some of the premieres are...and no he still didn't say anything about the album for those of you who were wondering, maybe tomorrow, I think they're going to show more of his interview or something because he's scheduled for tomorrow's episode of the Today show too :dunno:
  5. Finally got the Jersey Girl DVD today,just thought I'd share part of his cameo, and one more reason why I love him and find Will so attractive as a husband and, father, and MAN in general: Dialogue from Will's cameo scene called "If I was a smart man" "Every morning when I walk out that door, my middle one, my son says "Daddy how far do you love me?" and I pick somewhere close and I say "I love you all the way to that table man", and he says, "No you don't Daddy, you love me all the way to the moon and back down to the dirt." and it takes everything I got, for me to walk out that door." Ben Affleck:"But you get to see them on set and stuff right?" Will:" Yeah, but if I was a smart man, I'd be home with my kids now, playing in the dirt" I love a sexy man who takes care of his
  6. [quote=Hero1,Sep 26 2004, 07:45 PM]oh and willjadafan if you look like tatyana you are gonna get a lot more attention round here :hilarious:[/quote] that's what they tell me, and the killer part is...my first name is Ashley, maybe when I get a scanner you guys can see for yourselves
  7. Well i'm African American, I'm 18 and I love Will and Jada to death, unfortunately I don't have a scanner yet, so I couldn't add my picture, but coincidently, I've been told I look like Tatyana Ali (&Ashanti, because of my tight eyes) many times, my auntie even called me Tatyana for like six mths. before she moved on to another name LOL! as far as the rest of the posts in this thread I won't even respond to them except to say 3cookies, your son is a cutie pie
  8. From one of tonite's episodes: "Nice Lady" Lady Penelope: Will have you got a smoke? Will: A what? LP: A smoke, you know, a cigarette? Will: No I don't smoke and neither should you; it's bad for you. LP: Oh, sod off Mother Superior Will: Hey, hey, hey, hey, don't nobody call me a mother - nothin' Geoffrey: Why aren't you at the opera with Lady Penelope? Will: Geoffrey, she's nver been to an opera in her life Geoffrey: How dare you besmudge the reputation of a lady! Will: G, the Lady is a tramp! :roll:
  9. I saw it, y'all didn't miss too much just a couple of clips of Will and Jada, Jada said that potty training Willow was hard because Willow was just fine with her wiping her little butt forever , and Will said Trey is a goal oriented people person and that Jaden is the in touch emotional guy that all the women love , he said they're the polar opposites of his personality :thumb: so there ya go, that's the rundown
  10. A couple more updates, still looking for talk show appearances :thumb: Vh1:all Access: When Stars get Scammed : Sept. 27 10pm, Sept 28 2am, 4pm Sept. 29 12pm 10 Most Excellent Things about Shark's Tale on Vh1: Sept. 28 1pm, 8pm, 11:30pm
  11. I don't know if y'all have done this or not, but I figured this could be an on going thing, every once in a while, or few days or so, we could come post about some of our faves..I'll start: Don't know the name of the episode but, it's when Will and Carlton were managing Ashley when she wanted to be a singer, and they had those damn hand puppets on rapping and singing to her :roll: Will:(beatbox) Will and Carlton are sorry... kitty Cat, hey Kitty Cat he-help me out Carlton:(singing) we care about you very much :roll: ..I think she feels much better I can't remember it all and that's probably not even the way they said it, but I laugh so hard whenever I see that episode and it always sticks out when I think of FPOBA I wish I could remember how they said it, I know somebody here knows quotes: "Will Smith is the scum of the Earth."-Hillary "Hillary!" (woof) :roll:
  12. in the gallery section there's some pics of Will and Jada behind the scenes "executive producing" I didn't want to post this in the TV forum, but if it goes there, feel free to move it here's the correct URL (my bad): [url="http://www.allofustv.com"]http://www.allofustv.com[/url] I would've just posted the pics, but I can't even view them full size, because of my POS computer, but check 'em out anyway :thumb:
  13. Actually it come out last Tuesday here in the US
  14. ummmmm, I used to know a lot of them, I'll just have to take time and think but right off the top of my head actress Holly Robinson Peete (Hangin' with Mr.Cooper, For Your Love) lots a lot like her best friend Terry Ellis (of EnVogue) the resemblence is uncanny, they look more like sisters than best friends
  15. #1: Jada: Right there you feel that? Will: Didn't I ask you not to do that last night? at least not in front of all these people....later baby... later #2: It smells ripe enough...wonder what it tastes like?
  16. Will's scheduled for an appearance on the Today show on Sept. 27 and he's also listed for the 28th, so be sure to catch it, and keep checking back for updates to the schedule...I'll just make a post that says UPDATE on it, so just refer back to the original schedule listing, where I'll just add them from now on :thumb:
  17. There's a couple at Gettyimages too, Willow has on her little T-shirt, she's starting to look more and more like her Daddy, esp. around the ears [url="http://www.gettyimages.com"]http://www.gettyimages.com[/url]
  18. I love your site although I can't fully enjoy it ( my computer sucks), it looks really good...I sent you a PM so be sure to check it out and PM me back, I plan on being a regular at your site, even though it may be a while before I get this stupid thing fixed completely, and can sign the guestbook, but anyway good job :thumb:
  19. [quote=JumpinJack AJ,Sep 15 2004, 10:27 PM]CDs and DVDs almost never come out on non-Tuesdays. I highly doubt FP would screw up stores and shipping 2 get the single out on a certain day. If there is any truth 2 this, it's probably just the day he'd release the video. Keep in mind we can't expect 2 much without proper backing from a bigger label.[/quote] yeah, my mom works in Target and the new movies always come out on Tuesdays, so do the CDs.....I just wish he would hurry up, I'm starting to become less excited, which is really disappointing to me, but I love Big Will so I'm hanging in there :bang: and looking foward to watching him on TV all next week, hopefully there will be some album news
  20. you're very welcome :sonny: NOTE: Dr. Phil usually comes on NBC, but in the listings it says the Special airs on CBS, and channels and times vary so you'll have to check that one yourselves to be sure :thumb:
  21. This is pretty much all I have for now, REMEMBER times and channels may vary depending on where you live: Dr. Phil Special: Family First Sept. 22 8:00 pm ( I have to check for channel) Vh1: All Access: Hottest Dads Sept. 24 2:00pm Revealed on E!......rerun....... Sept. 23 3:00pm Will Smith A2Z on Vh1 : Sept. 28.....1:30, 5:30, 8:30 pm Sept. 29......8:00, 11:30 pm Sept.30......2:30 am, 11:00 am, 6:00pm Your Movie Show: Shark Tale(MTV): Sept. 22, 8:00pm Sept. 23, 8:00am, 12:00pm, 11:00 pm Sept. 30, 7:30pm Today show NBC Sept. 27 7:00 am, Sept. 28 7:00 am Shark Tale Night on Nick at Nite Sept. 30 @ 10:00 pm Also be on the look out for possible sightings at the two remaining Shark Tale premiere, in New York (Sept. 27) and L.A. (Sept. 29)....I don't know about any talk show appearances as of yet, but I will post them as they come to my attention, also I read in Entertainment Weekly that he and Jada both will be on All Of Us again this season, but I don't know when YET! :) If there's anything you'd like to add to the list don't hesitate :thumb: SIDENOTE: there are some pics of Will at the I Robot press conference and premiere in Africa at: [url="http://www.wireimage.com"]http://www.wireimage.com[/url]
  22. Will's currently in South africa with Jada and their kids, he confirmed the album comes out in January and that there's a song with Mary J, also with Ludacris, and that he sent a CD to Justin Timberlake, so there may be a collaboration.
  23. Yeah, I taped that episode, it was funny, Jada's crazy
  24. I heard Jada talk about this in an interview on TVONE Access, she said " Sometimes I do sleep naked, but that's usually when we're on vacation, cause otherwise the kids would walk in and see Mommy butt naked up on Daddy...it's a little startling."
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