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  1. I was scanning these sales, and I'm wondering what are the record labels thinking? We're all complaining about what's promoted on mainstream hip hop. And it's not working?!? Where are the "Lil"s and "Yung"s. Yeah, I seen Yung Jeezy. If labels main goal are to sell records and this "gangsta, hustler, poor message, awful party music" is not working, why do they stay with it? Hmm.
  2. I seen it. It was only one good time tho, even tho I watched full on. Hurt's documentary just confirmed my views more clearer than what they already were. Like, we he asked a bunch of different kids to rap and it all came out the same. And then the one guy who rapped "semi-consciously" (who I didn't think was too impressive anyway) saying they don't wanna hear that. Seems like something about Hip Hop is everywhere here lately. Or perhaps I've just been very attentive. I seen Bill O'Reilley on "Best Damn Sports Show". It was just towards the end tho, and he threw out yet again shots on hip hop and Ludacris. And besides, they weren't calling Hip Hop poision when it first came about. They just said it wouldn't last.
  3. Tim, can you give a direct link to this? I have been educated and rejuvinated beyond belief in these past couple days. This is a VERY WIDE eye opener for me. There's stuff I already knew/thought and stuff I didn't know/think enough of about. I give you big time props for finding this Tim.
  4. That was my first thought too. But why in the FPOBA? Then I thought it was something about that episode where Will spends the night with his girlfriend's mother named Janice. I wouldn't be surprised if the title sticks. TV shouldn't really shock us much anymore, even tho they tend to time and time again. Well, if there isn't a porn in refernce to a tv show with a similar or same name, their probably will be once this show comes out. They tend to do that.
  5. I've been goin thru a couple. You're doing a fair job. I think you've got better just waiting to come out. You need to work on your recording levels for when you double (Miss You). I didn't like your vocals on "Run Away Love". That's one instance I think you can sound better than what you did. Your style seems pretty together, you just need to make it sound better.
  6. Kel Spencer - Don't Play With Me (new track on his myspace)
  7. Come on now AJ. Maryland is a state, you've got a wide array coming out. Who's from Washington? hmm. I have no idea really. Well, maybe George Washington passed thru this area, hence the name. Real celebs, nope. None. We usually do have big time football stars come out of here. One in particular would've been in the NFL but he got into trouble. 2 from my era of high school are finishing college now, so we'll see. Til then, nobody significant, at least that I know of.
  8. Da Ace wins the 2nd JJFP Forum Audio Battle by a score of 6-5. Congratulations Ace.
  9. Sorry Ace, but the forum isn't even that active towards Numero Uno too much anymore I think. I don't know what it was like before then.
  10. Da Ace was amazing. Lyrics, Flow, Delivery, & Style. I mean, I can imagine being a spectator out in a park or somewhere. He had lines that made me laugh. I could just totally vibe out. Lugie, surprised me. He stepped up his content. However, Ace just outdid him in every category. I give it to Ace.
  11. http://www.sendspace.com/file/tl4wf2 - DaAce's Verse http://download.yousendit.com/B37A1C2E23671E98 - Luigie's Verse http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/...showtopic=10350 - Original Topic with links and lyrics Drop an honest vote/feedback.
  12. Luigie - submit your verse by February 9th
  13. Jean Grae - High On love, not the other stuff. :lol:
  14. Rules Use any beat to your liking 2 minute Time Limit for your verse (you can surely say a lot) You each have 3 Days MAX to complete and link your audio. Coin Toss determines that Da Ace the higher seed (the smaller number) goes first for this matchup. Da Ace (submit your verse by February 6th) Good luck to both Contestants -------------------------------------- 2nd JJFP Audio Battle Tournament Bracket 6 Luigie 2 Da Ace ------------------------------------------ And now, a lil entertaining article. - The 2nd annual JJFP Audio Battles, have been done a lil different. Instead of everybody being selected at total random inside a hat, each participant was given an accurate rating. That rating was based on experiences, history, etc. Da Brakes and Da Ace have been fairly dominating the forum in sharing each music move they make that is hopefully enhancing their careers. Da Brakes, is a fan-favorite amongst many, and receives his feedback righteously. However, the timing of events prevented this 'top dawg' from fulfiling this quest of being personally entertaining in many JJFP battles he's been in before. Right behind him, is a new comer by the name of Da Ace. Da Ace has earned his first earned his spot of recognition by doing the very thing he has been doing in the tournament, and that is "battling". (Remember the Bow Wow Diss?) SilverTiger, is a young talent who is less on the serious side, yet brings a fairly nice arsenal that is up to par to those who are. His creditiblity comes from winning the first Audio Battle. However, he won't be defending his title because of the upset against Luigie. Luigie was coming in the tourney at a 6 seed. He himself, is steadily trying to get himself sharpened and see just how much he can offer and achieve in Hip Hop. Accents tend to be irrelevant, after witnessing the various vocalists that existed in these audio tournaments and outside events. They also can be people's downfall if outside limitations. Lerkot, a 7 seed, received a bye in the first round, but it was to no advantage once he found his matchup against Da Ace in the second round. J-o-e, who is similar to Luigie's scenario, is finding and developing his talents. J-o-e's style wasn't quite enough of an advantage to outdo SilverTiger according to the voters. Fresh-Ta-Def had been more in the shadows with his musical efforts, but it wasn't enough of an advantage to be a mystery when he faced Da Ace in the first round. The tournament probably would have only been enhanced if it had more participants. FuQ, Concept, and Hero1, were three who were in spectators/competitors sights. All 3 have had some success in battling; either reaching the finals or winning the title at some point. Hero1, is a lyrical context genius to his readers. Times and the audiences have seemed to slightly change, causing him to lose an advantage in being understood for his writing ability, yet it is still appreciated like a rare jewel. FuQ & Concept are both simultaneously working on "album project" efforts, which strengthened their decisions to not participate in the battle. However, FuQ offered a bit of his internet time to hosting the event, in place of Da Brakes who usually organized such events. And now we see the finals: 6 Luigie vs 2 Da Ace Luigie, gotten thru the first round with a bye in his matchup against Da Brakes. He managed to upset the defending champ SilverTiger. Entering these finals as a #6, he's looking for another upset against his next opponent...Da Ace. Da Ace, has been nothing less than dominating against his opponents. In the first round, Fresh-Ta-Def. In the second round, Lerkot. The sharp punchlines, calculated wordplay, and confident delivery have yet to be outdone. But anything can happen. One's weakness could very well be another's strength if it's capitalized on. A #1 against a #2 may have been a lot of people's picks, but things flipped. I personally wasn't counting anyone out because I knew that shocks could occur. Everybody has a different style. Some just aren't battlers. Some just aren't songwriters. Some are both. Some aren't even really emcess or rappers. But there are two contestants left in the 2nd JJFP Audio Battle, and only one will be champion... - by Mike FuQua (aka FuQ) Coming up, submissions from the contestants, and possibly input from the readers.
  15. Luigie advances to the finals by a score of 4-1. Upset city. Looks like SilverTiger won't be defending his title.
  16. DaAce advances to the finals by a score of 10-1
  17. Talib Kweli feat. J Sands (of Lone Catalysts) - In The Mood
  18. I just seen a video of their's last night, and got to wondering about them.
  19. Bow Wow has a successful movie career??? (I'm not trying to be funny, I'm serious) I did not know such a thing. "Like Mike", and "Roll Bounce" are the only ones I know. "Will Smith isn't really a rapper anymore...he does more movies than music these days" - I really can't get offend at that, because it's not, at least to me. I know there was other things he said, but if this sums it up, there's nothing really to get mad about. It's like when somebody changes jobs. It's the truth, he does more movies than music. But he DOES do music. Just not as much as "some" people want him to. Quite honestly, some people are tired of Bow Wow rapping, so this should make them happy. Now people who are actors/actresses and movie lovers can hate him.
  20. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/songInfo.c...;songID=4952989 - SilverTiger's Verse http://download.yousendit.com/293A05C55C6A8A02 - Luigie's Verse http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/...showtopic=10327 - Original topic to song links and lyrics Drop an honest vote.
  21. http://www.gamingeye.com/temp/personal/ler...lerkotverse.mp3 - Lerkot's Verse http://www.sendspace.com/file/jeozn9 - DaAce's Verse http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com/forum/...mp;#entry158049 - Link to the original topic with verse links and lyrics
  22. Does that mean you don't want me to set up a voting poll, and just let Ace go to the finals?
  23. Luigie - submit your verse by February 4th.
  24. DaAce - submit your verse by February 2nd
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