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  1. Great story on BET https://www.bet.com/music/2018/05/23/will-smith-freestyle-reactions.html
  2. I think Will should do his solo,album that he’s doing now and they should do a JJFP album separately where Will just spends a couple of weeks in jeffs studio. They need to make it happen though no more talk.
  3. Willkilled that verse! Straight up hip hop which I’ve been waiting for. Just wish he’d get back with Jeff
  4. Smith will join Nicky Jam and Kosovo singer Era Istrefi to perform the official song of the 2018 global sporting event. Will Smith and Nicky Jam, together with Kosovo singer Era Istrefi, will perform the official 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia song, according to published reports and independent sources. The track is being produced by Diplo. The news was first reported by Vibe and Colombian radio station W Radio on Monday and confirmed independently by Billboard with sources close to the project. Although there are multiple songs associated with the World Cup, the official anthem is usually the most high-profile and is performed at the finale of the World Cup, which will be watched by an estimated 2 billion people. Past anthems include Shakira’s “Waka Waka” and Ricky Martin’s “The Cup of Life.” According to an interview with Nicky Jam manager Juan Diego Medina that aired on W Radio, Nicky Jam and Smith were in Budapest putting final touches to the song, which is slated to be released Friday. Prior to that, Vibe reported that, according to reggaeton producer DJ Nelson, Smith and Nicky Jam were working on the song. Vibe also reported that Istrefi would participate, per other published reports. Before news of the World Cup song leaked out, Smith and Nicky Jam were already talking about each other on social media. Back in March, Nicky Jam sat with Billboard and did some karaoke in honor of Smith, who the previous week had posted a video singing “X,” the hit by Nicky Jam and J Balvin. Nicky Jam also told Billboard that when he called Smith to thank him for the plug, Smith asked him to remix Jaden Smith’s song “Icon.”
  5. Wow that’s massive. Billions of people will see this! Hope it’s great
  6. Damn that’s a long wait... I just hope they make it
  7. He isn’t. Only guests are Dayne jordan, amir and rhymefest - music by the playlist.
  8. We going on a boat...I surely hope that it stay afloat because if I drown I might die..no more burgers no more fries...
  9. Okay that’s a terrible name that has nothing to do with bad boys. Weird.
  10. Sent Shane Eli a message. he and his producing partner did indeed produce "Freak Accident." He said they did the track a while ago and they don't know if Will is going to officially release it but he said when he talks to Will he's going to let him know the fans want it! Fingers crossed!
  11. is divinity reserved for the trinity? I'm living in sin you see I been deceived god received trying hard but not sure if I believe I've stared down a path of rightousness but justice failed me do I fight for this? or give up on the path of enlightenment sight seen heightened then repent I'm drained I'm spent walking through the deserts like its lent I want to be a good person but life's attacks leaves me uncertain not sure if what I do matters tried hard but ended in tatters hanging on to a thread bared my soul now need to be led goodness overcome the evil I don't want to be fearful I want to lead out of the darkness found the light and now I spark it
  12. this bit is brilliant: "I’ll do anything Abstinence I’m passionate I’ll be an activist Against other assholes who act like this" Will is back!!!!
  13. I love brakes version! I have this on repeat now. This song gives me a holla back vibe I love it!
  14. Yes I am getting Switch vibes! This has had like 13 million views in a couple of days. Will needs to drop the single now! Will bumpin up his social media following has given his new music a real chance.. who needs radio when you got instagram!
  15. I can’t believe this I can’t believe this I’m rattled life in pieces like Seattle nights and sleepless I’m grieving, I’m speechless I’m dying not faecitious I was drinking, she was drinking We was dancing wasn’t thinking It’s not excuses Look the truth is i just cut loose is Just what grey goose produced this? I swear if we get through this I’ll never ever do this again Baby let me prove it Please don’t throw me deuces Look at me Boo pleas look at me My words keep coming out crookedly but they can’t capture look and see I’ll do anything Abstinence I’m passionate I’ll be an activist Against other assholes who act like this But let’s not end cause of an accident -Chorus- Freak... Accident I don’t know how I got into this She was a freak... accident
  16. The rapping in that verse is very similar to lost and found. The subject matter is very fresh prince. It’s the first proper rap track we’ve heard from him in 13 years.
  17. I wanna hear the full song it sounds great.. and the first proper rap song we have heard from Will in ages.
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