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  1. I had never seen this before - I thought the way they did the visuals for 1993 was amazing - and the street remix was a great move.
  2. A remastered version is a great idea!
  3. And it was a true mixtape - in that Jeff recorded this to a tape and probably sent it to his friends. It was pre-internet!
  4. There's been plenty of Will and Jeff news, it's just google killed my site because it was old so I'm trying to get my rankings back.
  5. After 16 years I'm finally updating the JJFP website. Check out http://www.jazzyjefffreshprince.com for the new look and stay tuned for updates. I'm gonna bring the traffic back to this website and I'm gonna start pumping out new content.
  6. Thanks for the music Biz. ....................
  7. This is one of the great discoveries I ever made. One of Jeff's best mixtapes.
  8. Because he lied about all the stuff with Jada and his kids for years… I still think there’s plenty we don’t know that he is covering up.
  9. I was just checking and last month, 300 people listening to the last episode (episode 24) of the Will Smith Podcast, so I'm gonna do a new episode - if you want to join me for the recording there is lots to discuss - just join me on zoom at the link below - It's Saturday 1PM London Time/Saturday 8AM New York time. Join Zoom Meeting https://us04web.zoom.us/j/79710199954?pwd=bHA0ZFlxRUxCbVdKWWpXYVFnMVlZdz09 Meeting ID: 797 1019 9954 Passcode: MJ0gMb
  10. Nice man.. I love Everlast - there's something about his delivery that really hits hard.
  11. Wills lived a great life so it should be interesting. I’m not sure how honest he is going to be in the book though.
  12. Not quite the new album or music announcement we’ve been waiting for...
  13. Yeah at least the forum remains as a memory of happy times. I started this site when I was 16 and now I'm 41! Looks like Will has given up on releasing any of the music he has made in the last 16 years... and he's made a lot.
  14. After the entanglement I'm not going to Will for guidance on life...
  15. I like a couple of tracks and don't like some others (bit too modern for me) Been listening to a lot of Busta lately though!
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