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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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    Bright:the album ? New track from Will perhaps?
  2. Hero1


    You can't beat Will with an audience! Loved those clips
  3. Only a couple of weeks until this carpool karaoke with Will drops. Queen Latifah & Jada did one also.
  4. Hoping we get to hear some tracks in a few weeks time...
  5. As brakes said a lot of the hotels have booked out so if you haven't done so do it now! I've booked the Memphis hotel, about 600 metres from the venue.
  6. Damn I wasn't expecting this to be so dope. Killer AJ!! Thanks
  7. We should probably start organising meet ups for everyone from the forum. I'm guessing before the show maybe 5:30. Then hopefully we can all go to the after party and then maybe a meet up the next morning for those staying in Blackpool.
  8. Fat man scoop really only has 1 track.. would have preferred DJ Kool he could have done let me clear my throats and then done coming to the stage with Will
  9. Hey Matt, sounds like a great idea. Do you have a timeline for when you will be filming the show?
  10. Gonna come up with my cousin and her boyfriend who live in Swindon. Then probably stay the night in Blackpool.
  11. I suspect the support is just some local uk hip hop act which wouldn't bring in much more sales...hence the delay in announcing
  12. I wish this show would sell out... It's making me nervous...
  13. What are your skills like for an impromptu too damn hype to set the JJFP.com crew off?? Too Damn Hype ... Too Damn Hype ...
  14. Not many tickets left apparently...although they've been saying that for a while...
  15. Great interview! Interesting that they have had lots of offers since they announced those 2 shows.
  16. Perfect timing, right before the tour!
  17. That was dope man! Loved the summertime performance!
  18. Interesting I'll have to show you my versions of these that I got from a touch of jazz...looks like you got a ne one though! Jeff s always doing mix tapes for his friends and these were some of them
  19. The promotion from these livewire guys leaves a lot to be desired... their own Facebook page only has about 600 likes... if they got Will to do an interview on morning radio in the UK the show would prob sell out in 5 minutes but I still get the sense most people don't know about it...
  20. Depends if that is the originals vol 1 which is really good if it is.. or something different.
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