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JJFP reunite for 50 years of Hip Hop December 10 ×
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  1. Only a few days to go.. anyone else coming to see jazzy jeff and fresh prince reunited?
  2. That isn't accurate Will has sold more than 30 million albums.. big willie style sold more than 12 million alone...
  3. Who's going from the forum? me, kev, brakes, Julie, Michelle, fan4ever, cristigolo, Neil, magnificent, Juan cerda, James Caldecott, umm who else am I missing?
  4. Here's the preview: : ive watched the whole thing. My thoughts: was very funny but disappointed he only did jiggy, boom, fpoba, summertime. Would have liked more tracks. Book was definitely the highlight. More talk about music/jeff would have been better.
  5. It's out! and you can watch the first 6 minutes for free! (actual episode goes for 21 minutes) Boom! is included in the preview so this is great to get people hyped about Will's music again...
  6. The crowds gonna get rowdy when Will and Jeff do Boom! Shake the room.. much like this!
  7. Boom still went to #13 in the US and #1 in 30 other countries around the world.. can't wait to hear Will do it!
  8. Yes! The JJFP.com posse will be large in golden circle!!
  9. Get excited: The exciting news comes after Jazzy explained how he managed to persuade Will to reform their hip hop unit The Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff last year following the death of the show’s ‘Uncle Phil’, played by James Avery, during open heart surgery on New Year’s Eve 2013. The pair released five albums together, and their Grammy-winning Summertime, before going their separate ways when Will’s Hollywood career took off. GETTY - CONTRIBUTOR Jazzy Jeff is to reunite with Will Smith later this month Jazzy said: “This has been a long time coming. I have been fighting for it. “Being one of the biggest movie guys in the world, it was really about Will’s schedule and freeing up the time. “But Will’s heart is still in music - he keeps talking about it and bringing it up. I told him ‘listen, man, we need to satisfy that heart'. GETTY IMAGES - GETTY Will Smith and Jazzy Jeff will perform at Livewire Festival in Blackpool “So I ended up going out to California and I went to his house, and I sat down and explained to him how I would love to do a show and mapped it. “I got him really excited and the next day he agreed, he said ‘we’re doing it’. “We’ve always had offers, but because of his schedule we would always have to turn them down. ALAMY The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air cast "I think what just happened when he said ‘let’s do something’, the first two offers were the festival in Croatia and Blackpool.” Jazzy, who will headline Blackpool’s Livewire festival on Sunday, August 27, insisted that despite the huge time lapse since they last performed, he and Will would feel no nerves because they have been secretly gigging ever since. GETTY IMAGES - GETTY Will was the main role in the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air He said: “We have performed together a lot - when Will was in Suicide Squad we did a performance, and we did a performance at a friend’s wedding, but not everybody gets a chance to see that. “The crazy thing about Will and I, we pretty much can perform right now without any rehearsal. “It’s like you never forget how to ride a bike. "We are definitely leaning heavily to a lot of the classic stuff. "People aren’t coming to hear new stuff, they’re coming for stuff they know, so the nervousness or uneasiness you might have about performing - you’re not performing for people who don’t know who you are. This is a tribute.” https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/tvandshowbiz/1372020/the-fresh-prince-of-bel-air-to-return-with-will-smith-20-years-after-it-last-aired-according-to-jazzy-jeff/amp/
  10. Agree with Kev..this could be your one and only chance to see JJFP live... I'd do anything you can to get there
  11. I've been thinking about this too..I'm going to avoid all Croatia performance spoilers because I don't want to ruin the surprises or the experience.
  12. Yeah Jeff and an amazing band have been doing a full rehearsal today. Things to learn: boom! Shame the room, summertime & getting jiggy wit it on the set list they have lyrics on a screen for Will. they have some awesome visuals to go with the show as well. Cris, jeff's video guy is filming behind the scenes stuff, hoping he films the concert as well. The concert is looking like it will be amazing. Jeff said we haven't performed for 20 years so when we are coming back they are coming back big! Jeff & Will were always known for their great live shows so if you've never seen them perform live before...be prepared to be blown away.
  13. I keep thinking the show is going to get cancelled due to lack of sales! I wish it had sold out so I wouldn't have to worry about flying halfway around the world for nothing! Oh well it's going to be great..just weeks away!
  14. until
    Will Smith does Carpool Karoake with James Corden. The episode is released on Apple Music August 8th.
  15. so the doors open at 5:30PM for the show on Sunday night.. how about us meeting up beforehand about 3:30?
  16. Great point Ted! Not sure Will's team really know how to do web sites and social media like some other big stars like Vin Diesel etc.
  17. Interestingly they've tried to make it more like Facebook, you can like like love laugh at posts and they've introduced something called clubs which is similar to Facebook groups... something like reddit is still popular so forums can still work... I think Will not dropping an album in 12 years has hurt the forum the most...
  18. wow we were big in 2005... forum upgraded once again!
  19. Jada said she was going to the JJFP shows on The tonight show so I thought the family might be travelling with Will...
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