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  1. Great interview. If you listen to that you would swear they have an open marriage... that episode with Will is gonna be interesting
  2. I don’t like the Will singing auto tuned chorus - why not get an rnb singer on the hook? I like the beat though and Wills rhymes. Hope these tracks get released so we can buy them.
  3. Not really. I’m still discovering great albums from the 90s I missed. I like the new gorillaz single and the new del/amp live album though
  4. That just sounds very messy to me? And I actually prefer the original beat
  5. This song is growing on me.. I love the video! Bring on the World Cup!
  6. Came across this and thought this was interesting... UrbanBridgez.com We’ve talked about this, so I want to finally give you the chance to address it. Surprisingly many people don’t know it was you who sang the hook to Will Smith’s “Men in Black,” but those of us who did always wondered why you were not in the video? Tone & Poke of Trackmasters did an interview with Complex a few years ago and said you declined to do the video because you thought Will Smith was wack, in so many words? Coko: I really don’t appreciate Tone, Poke or whomever else saying that. Because I’ve never had this discussion with Tone or Poke! That I said Will Smith was wack or implying it, because Will Smith was a friend of mine. What happened was my record label (RCA) wouldn’t allow me to be in the video. Back in the day if you remember SWV was never really featured in anybody else’s video. They would always say no, they wouldn’t allow us to do anything else. So that’s why I wasn’t in the video. I would have loved to be in that video because it was a huge song. It had nothing to do with me thinking Will Smith was wack, so Tone and Poke, you’re wack for saying that! Where are they now? Don’t worry, I’ll wait (both laugh)!
  7. If you listen to this interview - go to the 5 minute mark. Will has been in the studio since about 2012 and has multiple albums of material and a few club bangers up his sleeve. Jaden wants will to drop this music!
  8. Unfortunately he is filming the ang lee until July and then bad boys 3 from August... hope jeff and will can find some time somewhere...
  9. Jeff talking about Will’s freestyle.. it’s actually 7 years old!
  10. Yeah I’m really hoping the new album will be straight hip hop. Hopefully omarr keeps him on track.
  11. Yeah I bought it on iTunes. Great song - Wills part is pretty minor though. I think it will be great live.
  12. Great story on BET https://www.bet.com/music/2018/05/23/will-smith-freestyle-reactions.html
  13. I think Will should do his solo,album that he’s doing now and they should do a JJFP album separately where Will just spends a couple of weeks in jeffs studio. They need to make it happen though no more talk.
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