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  1. to me the greatest strength of born to reign was the lyrics... what will was saying and talking about .. in that regard some of his best lyrics.. willow is a player was very clever... 1000 kisses/maybe showed his love for jada... he still threw in sum classic fresh prince in i gotta go home/give me tonite .. i think the album really shows how highly will values family...
  2. el sid recorded an album produced by a touch of jazz.. for a label cant remember which..anyway they never released it...
  3. hey its the same in australia what were they really talking about? :poke:
  4. this is a really great album!! if u wanna hear some traxs check out [url="http://www.kindredthefamilysoul.com/"]http://www.kindredthefamilysoul.com/[/url] a lot of the traxs were recorded at a touch of jazz.. the vidal/andre track "stars" is one of there best ever!
  5. [quote=MooseKnuckles,Mar 22 2004, 07:41 PM]not to bring you guys down, but freestyles are rhymes off the top of your head..not raps that are well thought out and written down, proofread, etc. an online freestyle needs a new name..just my thoughts[/quote] i agree man.. mine took me a couple of minutes..its supposed 2 be a true freestyle...
  6. [quote=FirthWyndNMyre,Mar 22 2004, 01:05 PM]"Carlton where's my Willy, I can't find my Willy!"[/quote] that was so funny just the way he said it :bowrofl: :bowrofl: :bowrofl:
  7. yeah i used to watch it years ago i remember that summer vacation episode but i never realised they played summetime..
  8. its just a group of people under members..cause every1 wanted to be potnas right?
  9. what u got? id say amel larriuex - bravebird and encore - layover (best rap album for a long time...)
  10. [quote=MooseKnuckles,Mar 21 2004, 06:38 PM]didnt really l,ike the trailer, they couldnt make up their mind to be a summer blockbuster or a thriller..i was hopin for a thriller..but we'll see[/quote] i dont think the movie will be anything like the trailer portrays..im expecting a lot more drama.. more serious..and a little deeper.. of course they spent 160 million on it..they are gonna cut a trailer that screams hollywood summer blockbuster..but i think alex proyas is gonna go a little deeper than that
  11. it is a great song.. i think jazz fresh and el sid came with it..and jeff finished it off..i think if u really sit down and listen 2 the lyrics they are extremely dope..and they have all these crazy metaphors going on
  12. this is a very good album..kindred are a husband and wife team that jill scott discovered and signed to her hidden beach label... jill scott appears on the album..and theres heaps of atojazz on it.. james poyser produces 6 traxs... vidal and andre produce 1 and anthony bell produces 2 :peace: :peace:
  13. the last episode was a 2 parter..and jeff was in the 1st part
  14. Release dates for I, Robot (2004) Country Date USA 16 July 2004 Australia 22 July 2004 Belgium 28 July 2004 France 28 July 2004 Argentina 5 August 2004 Germany 5 August 2004 Netherlands 5 August 2004 Brazil 6 August 2004 UK 6 August 2004 Finland 20 August 2004 Norway 20 August 2004 Czech Republic 26 August 2004 Iceland 3 September 2004 Spain 3 September 2004 Russia 23 September 2004 Italy 8 October 2004 yess i only have to wait a week :peace: :peace:
  15. wow the single has abt 7 remixes..this nellee hooper 1 which is real dirty..but my favorite is this real mellowed out mix of got til its gone..its actually better than the original!! this would be in my top 5 singles i own
  16. to the janet fans out there..any1 like "got til its gone" ?? that is the dopest track..and the single has some great remixes!
  17. yeah AJ told me about this 1 time.. it was a 100th episode special hosted by jazz!! and it was supposed to be really funny.. it would be great if they got every1 together for interviews and commentaries etc...
  18. have a good one man :afro: :peace: and have a :drink: for me :cheesygrin:
  19. i was very unimpressed by the first single :dunno:
  20. tone: do i look short in black? will: shut up and look tough ramone: tough? i thought we were supposed to look disinterested
  21. jjfp can still rock sum serious music tho..id imagine the album 2 be like the latter half of willennium... potnas/no more/uhh/the rain and pump me up... new skool jjfp mixed with ol skool rap
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