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  1. I said to Jeff on Facebook don't use that hashtag unless you mean it and he laughed!
  2. Ahh thank you scnazz & brakes. Really appreciate it! Give me your thoughts once you have finished.
  3. I saw a video of this performance on Facebook it was dope!
  4. Thanks to both of you!! Really appreciate it
  5. I am determined to be a great writer. It's a huge shadow dream and like Will, I think I will only get there by working hard and trying, and trying, and getting better! So anyway I'm going to release the best book I've written on Amazon. I am hoping some of you guys can help me out and read it. It is available here: https://www.amazon.com/Search-Happiness-Timothy-Price-ebook/dp/B01FZ1TXAQ?ie=UTF8&ref_=asap_bc If you download the kindle app for your ipad/iphone/android/computer etc you will get the book delivered and it will be easy to read.. its only a few dollars.. I would really appreciate your support on this one! Thanks
  6. found this old post..which was a great one.. should do it for 2016!
  7. Yeah, I've got this. I think AJ gave it to me.
  8. Wow, that's kinda sad. Does that big Willie style mega mix have the original scratches Jeff did for big Willie style on the various tracks as opposed to the final album versions?
  9. That was the worst crowd ever... Will & Jeff need a proper stage...and proper fans...
  10. Pretty much. It didn't do enough for Will to stay true to his word and release an album and do a tour. If it properly charted I bet we would have got more music but Will seems terrified of releasing any music. The fact that he has signed up to do 3 movies this year says it all.
  11. Hey Nicole! Thanks for dropping by The Magnificent 3, sounds amazing! The lineup of artists at Jeff's house for that was incredible I got my fingers and toes crossed for a JJFP show! I think i'd fly anywhere to see that.
  12. Hey Mike! Good to see a familiar name around these parts! Sounds like life is going well for you and yeah we are still here!
  13. Yeah, like Will shows up at Dubai and we never even get the heads up. Or Vegas... so even when they do perform we have no way of going...
  14. Hero1


    so does that mean it won't even be released in theatres? It will go straight to Netflix?
  15. That's what sucks. Just don't get our hopes up. Announce a tour on Ellen and don't do it. That's a really rubbish way to treat your music fans. And the funny thing is his movie career is essentially dead, these next few movies he's doing prob won't be successful and people are more excited about his music so it's also a bad career move in my opinion. People were actually excited about Will's music not some movie about Angels and a depressed guy.
  16. Will is filming collateral beauty now..then a "bright" after that..then suicide squad 2 then maybe bad boys 3... say goodbye to the tour and new music!
  17. That was awesome. It was number 1 in Australia here and is still massive. Everyone knows the lyrics.
  18. She seems slightly unhinged but I did find the interview quite interesting. Also when she talks about Will's acting I think she's spot on! Janet Hubert is an infinitely better actor than Will that's just a fact.
  19. Marley & Me and Devil Wears Prada were good successful movies. Ed Norton is a fantastic actor, he doesn't join this project unless he thinks it's going to be pretty good. As far as box office I don't think it does more than 50 million in the US but I think it has a chance of being a good movie.
  20. Yup. If they really wanted to do something they would make it a priority. I'm sick of all the excuses to be honest. The last time they were in the studio for an album was 1999 for Willennium. That was 17 years ago! and since then we've had 17 years of "we can't find the time, Will's doing a movie, etc, etc
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