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  1. Whoa, how long haven't you been here, cookie? :D Obviously since 2011. Remembers me of myself.
  2. TheFre$hPrince

    Get Lit

    Actually I'm relieved he did not write that crappy song. That's positive news to me.
  3. TheFre$hPrince

    Will's official Youtube channel

    Thanks man but this has already been discussed on this board.
  4. TheFre$hPrince

    Nia Long Talks 'Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air'

    Nothing really new there. Thx for sharing though.
  5. TheFre$hPrince

    I finally got to meet Will!

    Congrats man. Must have been a great moment after all these years of supporting him.
  6. TheFre$hPrince

    Inviting him to the forum

  7. TheFre$hPrince

    Why Hip Hop Hates Will Smith: The Darth Vader Theory

    When they started doing their thing back in the 80s they were "outsiders" (compared to all the other crews) due to the music they made . I also believe most of the people did not know he was making music before starting movies, which most likely means they believe he is a sellout.
  8. Rumour has it that Overbrook got dropped just like Adam Sandler: https://www.thedailybeast.com/exclusive-sony-emails-reveal-how-studio-dumped-asshole-adam-sandler Maybe another cyber attack will be able to find that out :)
  9. TheFre$hPrince


    I watched the movie last night and thought it was worth seeing. If the movie was shown in cinemas though I would not have seen it. Compared to some of the movies you mentioned Bright is somewhere at the lower end. I liked the movie though. The introduction/explanation to this world took place in like two minutes and was indeed very rushed. From there you pretty fast got a feeling that the movie was about racism and then all about a wand. The contents were quite confusing at times but in the end I did not regret watching it.
  10. TheFre$hPrince


    I saw Concussion and Collateral Beauty recently and I liked both movies. They were great IMO. I don't care about critics, awards and stuff. It's up to me if I like that movie or not. I'll watch Bright this weekend.
  11. Was that remix released on the CD single as well? I might have that then.
  12. TheFre$hPrince

    Will on Carpool Karaoke

    It's not the whole thing but the whole series looks very funny. lol @ Shaq & Cena in one car. :D
  13. TheFre$hPrince

    Get Lit

    That's what I wish for. Just drop some music for the love of making music instead of trying to fit into some mainstream category. Drop the songs, drop an album without trying to go multi platinum and 100 million+ clicks on youtube. That's not what I'm waiting for as a fan. I want him to drop some bars on hiphop and break beats along with those jazzy scratches. Just do it! :D
  14. TheFre$hPrince

    Hidden area

    If it is I can't see it. :)
  15. TheFre$hPrince

    Hidden area

    Does anybody remember the exclusive area on this board? What happened to it?
  16. TheFre$hPrince

    Get Lit

    I'd rather have new music by Will than promoting this song. Honestly. Great to see that some more heads joined the conversation.
  17. TheFre$hPrince

    Hidden area

    I can only remember that I shared the promo version of Gettin Jiggy Wit It there. :D
  18. TheFre$hPrince

    Get Lit

    Comparing old school rappers to Em is like comparing Muhammad Ali, Frazier, Foreman boxers like Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis and so on. You'll never know who is better. Also Eminem wouldn't battle any of those old school pioneers as he pays alot of respect to them and even mentions his top rappers who are still active today and were known before him like e.g. Andre3000, Jay-Z and Nas. Of course Will is a pioneer in music but similar toall the other rappers you mentioned like Moe Dee, Kane, Slick, Rakim amd Melle Mel he is irrelevant in the music world. He has a (very successful) history in the music industry but that's it. Same with a rap icon like 50 Cent. 50 is irrelevant. Nobody cares about his music. When Em dissed Ja Rule, Rule was very relevant in the scene. Em ended Ja's career and he had a reason to diss Ja Rule. I absolutely understand what you are talking about though. But still Will is irrelevant and nobody is asking for a album or single except us JJFP fans. Most of us are probably in their 30s. The kids around the world wanna listen to Justin Bieber and the rap fans around the globe do not wanna hear Will Smith on a record. Will would probably struggle to achieve gold status in the US. But I guess we will never find out. Again I agree with you. I want that classic JJFP hip hop and if we do not get to hear any new material then I'll continue to listen to the old stuff. :D
  19. TheFre$hPrince

    Get Lit

    That's simply because Will's fanbase is not even close to Em's. Eminem is still relevant in the rap game and is considered GOAT. Like I said earlier you can't compare those two. Will is pretty irrelevant in the game and nobody except for JJFP fans care about his music and IMO there is no way Will will ever be on a mainstream level as he was when Big Willie Style dropped. His music career has declined since Big Willie Style and his movie career has done that as well. If he drops music he should do it out of love for the game and not to be as successful as he used to be. The horse has bolted after Willennium and we all should accept that. I'd be satisfied if he and Jeff went on world tour where all of us could attend a concert in our home country. A new album would be cool as well but only if that's old school JJFP stuff.
  20. TheFre$hPrince

    Get Lit

    It is rumoured that Em's album is about to drop next month or so. So I guess the promotion has just started with that performance dissing Trump.
  21. TheFre$hPrince

    Get Lit

    You can't compare Em and Will IMO. To the world Will is more known as an actor than as a musician. Em is a die hard rap fan and rapper. Fun fact: Em won an Oscar, which is something Will hasn't achieved, yet.