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  1. Besides,the usual Will Smith stuff!Is Will Smith that Great?Seven Pounds,POH,Ali are Good.But Films,like I Am Legend&Ect.Were he's supposed.To be playing a Serious Role.But ends up being.The Usual,Will Smith.Those type of films are Alright.But Critics,Dogged that film.For a Reason!I was into Seven Pounds,allott.But the Plot.Is too far fetched.What are your Opinions?
  2. markwinfield1

    Will Smith Wants to Become US President

    Maybe Will Smith,will do.What Obama didn't do!
  3. markwinfield1

    I Am Legend Prequel

    This might seem generic compared to I AM LEGEND.Should still have a great story!OOPs i forgot this is I AM LEGEND :susel[1]: :sipread: :yeahthat:
  4. http://www.stormfront.org/forum/showthread...son-446829.html What Will thinks of hitler!Please move,if i posted this in the wrong forum...
  5. markwinfield1

    Doing some google search,and came across this!

    Just delete this!Sorry,i'll look before i post,next time!
  6. markwinfield1

    No Music for Will

    I hope he returns to glory...
  7. markwinfield1

    Funny thing i saw today!

    A homeless man had i sighn, that read! Will Smith's nomination is amongst the idiots. I personally don't wanna judge the guy or Will Smith...So post your thoughts!
  8. He should put his time into Kel Spencer&Tra-Knox...
  9. If will put more effort into promoteing his music himself,It would sell...
  10. markwinfield1

    Anybody check Hi-Tek's album yet?

    I got it a few days after it came out...
  11. I hope LL loses that pop image he has...
  12. markwinfield1

    Bow Wow mouths off again...

    http://community.allhiphop.com/showthread....651216#poststop :lol:
  13. If i were to buy them,i would wait 3 years for a price drop,and buy the games that i want until then...
  14. markwinfield1


    I don't blame him...
  15. markwinfield1

    Will Smith steps out at Detroit film premiere

    Interesting,I know what's it's like to homeless...So i'll definitly wanna watch this one...
  16. You might not hear it often!But i do off and on...
  17. SAD! But i have to care for a 85 year old man...Red was blessed/lucky...
  18. markwinfield1

    Jermaine Dupri Leaves Virgin Records

    All about the mighty $ Bill!
  19. markwinfield1

    Anybody check Hi-Tek's album yet?

    Is this album Mainstream,Indy or underground?I'm new to this guy so...
  20. markwinfield1

    50 Cent Releases Final Album

    After he retires, he'll do full time acting.He also hopes to possibly win a grammy 1 day.... Reminds me of Diddy!Anyone?
  21. markwinfield1

    Potential Mixtape Cover

    Your pose reminds me Omarion...Otherwise nice desighn
  22. markwinfield1

    Pop Star Beyonce Sparks Controversy

    I never knew Will needed Black Radio's respect that bad...
  23. Message To The Black Man In America! A GOOD BOOK! And yeah Kanye was sorta right!
  24. markwinfield1

    Pop Star Beyonce Sparks Controversy

    If whites can make music for whites,Then why can't black's make music for blacks?I have to respect her for saying this.I'm suprised more blacks don't support peaple like mos def,common,Malcom X,Nation Of Islam type of beliefs but thats another subject... P.S. Sorry for being outspoken...
  25. markwinfield1

    The TELL ME WHY Video

    Sad,I think it's too late to hope for a official video...