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  1. Perry

    Sexy Lady

    Just Crusin' is only on the UK BWS. I got mine early whilst I was in America to get home and find they had more tracks :nono:
  2. Perry


    If you're gonna comment on something like the aiming for example.. (yes I'm talking to you :p) best to comment on the format you're playing on. For example : I enjoyed it on the PC (For a short time admitedly) whereas on the Xbox I found the targetting awkward.
  3. Perry

    will at "fabulous 50 party"

    Brought to you by an alcoholized Perry.
  4. Perry

    In The House November 1st UK/16th US!

    Defected is a UK House Label..looks like the uk labels wanna support jeff more than the US ones.. That and House (althought not a fan particuraly..) is more a product of the UK than US.. -Perry. Sorry I'd hate for people to think I was hiding behind an automatic alias.
  5. Perry

    Will Smith's in trouble

    -Perry Sorry, alcohol and no warning make for no knowledge of automatic posting by 'Guest'.
  6. Perry

    FP pics

    Cosign. Magic does look good, great seein em together.
  7. Everyone is always gonna have an opinion on everybody else. NWA was doing they thing back then. Will and Jeff been doing they'res. You screaming 'fk NWA' is the same policy in reverse. So much anger in that first post, I think you need to just step back for a minute and relax.
  8. Perry

    Will turned down miami vice

    Am I the only one who thinks this movie would have been excellant with Will ? It's not like he would get type cast.. Who said Will's nowhere near Colin ? As an Actor he's pretty much of equal hollywood'ness (you all know what that is..) minus a sitcom. I think Colin and Foxx will do it well though. Jamie is an excellant actor.
  9. Perry

    Hitch Review

    Did you read it on some site or were you contacted by a source? It was they.
  10. Perry

    People's Choice Award

    Mr. Smith made me think you was talkin' bout LL. Anyway, about to vote.
  11. Perry

    flow things

    Will is already classed by many as sort of a 'kid' rapper. The old style in this age wouldn't go down well at all.
  12. Perry

    The New Will Album

    I think you all are putting a heavy emphasis on expecting great things from this album. If it's an Average Will album you'll all be dissapointed, even though it's decent.
  13. Perry

    Will's Xmas Album?

    Heh I was about to say that. Looks mad. I don't think it suits him, but I don't think it looks bad really either..
  14. Perry

    Will's Xmas Album?

    This thread makes me realize it's almost time to bust out Christmas on Death Row, and Hip Hop Holidays. Man I love Christmas.
  15. Perry

    Switch...next week?

    That's so retarded I wasn't even going to reply. So if Will's next track isn't the hottest he ever made his entire past is wiped and replaced with him as a dissapointment ? Dude.. get off the juice..
  16. Perry

    jjfp megamix

    Still down..
  17. Downloading now, will let everyone know.
  18. Perry

    JJ+FP B-Sides

    Holla Back was one tight ass track. When I bought that single I couldn't figure out which song I actually liked more! Didn't make a good B-Side because it took shine away from the original track!
  19. Perry

    You Saw My Blinker = odd?

    No an Igloo! A shed! Forget it I'll go around the back. It's a castle.. with a moat.. How do I get across ? ........ Boat! Man I love that track.
  20. Perry

    these forums got deleted..

  21. Perry

    hip hop at a crossroads

    I haven't got time to read right now, I'll have a real read when I can but to summerize what my answer will be : Q : Where will Hip Hop go next ? A : Probably further down the toilet.
  22. Perry

    Trivia Game

    One. But he didn't like the upholstery so he took it back. Jack. Word to big bird!
  23. Perry

    Brand New Funk Video

    Julie you after Rock The House ? Cause (and I know how shocking this is..) I saw it in music zone last week. Amazed me but it was there. Next to platinum and gold!